Aries And Cancer Compatibility Tale


After his wonderful relationship with Julienne Saint-Yves, the Gemini Goddess, Jean Claude, the Aries needed consolation. So he went to get drunk, to fight, and to pay for sex, but in the local bar he met Tatiana Roberte – a woman under the Sun Sign of Cancer. She was petite, like his first lover, and had wonderfully formed breasts, white, aristocratic face, and somehow sad brown, little eyes, with heavy eyelashes.

She found him rather pushy and aggressive, he thought that her questions are a little annoying and he felt in the very beginning she will try to tie him down. Their conversation seemed to not be going anywhere, their interests differed so much that even when trying to have a peaceful conversation on a neutral topic, it was hard for them to keep their attention to the subject in discussion.

Both of them were deeply emotional, even though Jean seemed like he has an emotional disability. For Jean the most important things in life were energy, focus, and consistency, while Tatiana valued the ability to stay rational and stable. He was into physical movement, sports, all the way to keep his creativity high, while Tatiana needed to sleep and eat a lot. She found out immediately that she had no intention to follow the insane pace of Jean, the Aries.

However, both of them were so impulsive, that after a few drinks they hit it off to her place.

Jean was a fire-cracker, and Tatiana –a gentle and sensual lover. She needed a tender lover. But Jean Claude was not tender at all. He was passionate, commanding, deliberate, fun and spontaneous. They somehow synced. She was attracted to his direct nonverbal signals, to his confidence, adventurous and free nature. But how was she to tame that fire? He was sexually on the edge, could pass as wild and seemed to easily get bored. She was a little needy, and she suffocated him from the very beginning. Therefore, after a lot of desperate sex, they parted and never met again.

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