How To Have Sex With A Gemini?


Prepare for dirty whispers. This woman is verbally communicative in bed as well, and she loves small talk and laughing a lot at your performance. She will compliment you on your “comely” instrument and she will mean it. She is not afraid to ask for sexual favors. She can say “I love you” and really mean it, in the most ordinary way, without special overture – she just states the fact and does not expect anything in return. With this lady you can make out ANYWHERE – she has got no feeling of privacy when she gives in to her beloved, and she would write on a billboard that she loves you, always has and she wants to marry you!

Bring food to bed! Lady Gemini loves to indulge in two things at once. She will spread the food over your body and she will lick it clean. She will adore you if your kiss tastes of anise.

She is the most creative Sign in the Zodiac, which means sexually creative as well. She will cater to all your whims. She will surprise you in a light, fascinating manner. The Gemini woman in all her glory is supremely attractive. In lovemaking, she manages to perform, and be sincere, natural, organic. She will charm you with the bliss of her intelligence, she will give in, but she will be playful, she will claim you, but she will give you space, she is excellence, she outmatches all other lovers.

The keywords with her are light and wild. If you manage to enchant this enchantress she will take you to the stars and back on a roller-coaster. In sex, she is so imaginative, that you can hardly realize what is happening to you. She seduces men with her brains and her airy personality gives them comfort, but in bed – she’s a cat on a hot tin roof. Once you taste her sexually, it makes require your entire will power to go away from this woman, for she is playful, yet dignified, she is surprising, yet inevitable.

If you have a Gemini woman in your bed, you have to be aware that she is most after surprises – penetration without foreplay, sudden change of position, or touching place she has never been touched like her nails or that erogenous zone on her back. How to have sex with a Gemini is a science worth its discovery. There is hardly a funnier, more versatile and more playful lover in the Zodiac. Though she is friendly, only very strong characters can tame and claim her sexually. She likes being teased more than any other woman, she loves them a little merciless sexually and very dominant. She is the best sexual journey in the Zodiac.

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