The Tart Girl


Who the Heck is the Tart?

The Tart of Tarts. They are always dolled up and very trendy, noticeable, discernible from the others with posh clothes, and stilettoes and new haircuts, heavy make-up, silicon in the lips, tits and the bottoms. It takes them at least two hours per day to tart themselves up. What makes them be this way?

They want to impress men.

Do they impress men?

Yes, men are impressed, although they never speak highly of them, but they are generally attracted to them. They feel flattered if the tart girl flutters around them.

Who is guilty for the appearance of the tart girls?

Men are.

They love it when the woman around them is noticeable and well-maintained, and believe that that increases their statute in society.

Does she invest in being a tart?

Yes, definitely – not everyone is gifted to be beautiful, but each woman succeeds thanks to contemporary cosmetics and the skills of the coiffeurs to manage and maintain their attractive look, for a large amount of money.

What kind of efforts does the tart girl make?

It looks strange to you, but the tart girl spends hours in the fitness hall, hours in front of the mirror and hours shopping, as a result, she possesses unrivaled skills in dolling up, making up, and picking fashionable accessories. She has got a good physical appearance and her body listens to her – she has well-developed body and men admire her graceful movement.


Are you envious of the tart girl?

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If they invest so much money in me… an ordinary woman without tart inclinations – I would look like the perfect tart girl. The terrible thing is if they invest so much money in a decent looking guy – he would look like the perfect tart girl as well.

What if they stop investing in themselves?

A Natural Tart

Is it wonderful that we have tart girls who make the world a different place and at least a part of the men are happier and more content?

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