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Kosta‘s Interview

Kosta, There are said to be two types of people: when the first type enters a room, they say: “Oh, here I am, finally!” When the second type enters a room, they say: “Well, there you are!” Which type are you?

I, Kosta am the kind of guy, who enters a room and amuses not only himself but also the people around him. The energy flows from within me, to everyone around me. If you keep it for yourself, you can’t amplify any of it. If you don’t have it, you’re going to feel drained after giving any of the energy you’re trying to create out of nothing.

You speak of energy – does it follow the thought, or is it the rather way round?

It not only follows thought, it multiplies.

It’s like an echo. You shout “I GIVE YOU MY LOVE” and it gives you “LOVE, Love, love …” back.

Would you describe yourself as an intellectual?

I am well educated, but I try not to be like those dry logical unemotional guys. Everything in the world around me is colors, sounds and a lot of beauty.

And I believe being an intellectual is all about that.

What is the most attractive thing in yourself?

It is very ego centrical to speak about how attractive you are. Ask someone you know. But the thing I value the most in people and try to have is positivity.

For Sake of the Interview: What makes you a good lover?

Well … when I am with a woman, I’m like a little kid in a candy shop. I want to try everything. To kiss and cherish every square centimeter of her. I am more excited by her orgasms than mine. She should come several times before I climax. I just want to come from time to time around the day. And I can make love all night with breaks.

What’s the most romantic gift, you have not yet given, but you want to?

A hot bath with floating rose petals and candles.

How does a girl know you are hitting on her?

I don’ hit on women. I interact with everyone and the one who is sweet and caring is the girl I’m going to kiss.

It is very important for me that she has got a beautiful personality. Only guys, that are interested generally by looks “hit” on women.

Tell the guys the secret of being enchanting?

Always be positive. Love women deeply. If you don’t like one, never say or show it.

Be natural, be giving to her.

What are the best qualities you like in a lady?

She has got to be a good person – caring. Sweet and nice, not just to me, but to everyone around her.

What made you so caring and supportive?

Everyone wants to be different. In this world of beasts, that’s my way of uniqueness

Would you rather have a beautiful spiritual relationship or a sexual escapade?

The beautiful and meaningful relationship is my definition of escapade … and a lot more.

What do you want to change in your Life?

I want to settle down and be more ordinary because it’s not happening in my life. I’m tired of being out every evening. I want a quiet home and a family of my own.

Weird thing, Kosta, – I had never gone out until I met you. Why do you get out?

Cos I’m still in this art of my life when you go out and have fun. But I’m tired of it J

Describe the quiet life?

Fireplace, 2 children. a loving wife and being able to cook with her.

How comfortable do you feel with yourself?

It depends on a lot of factors. If I’m in a good place with a nice company, it’s great. If not, I’m trying to correct things.

Would you go hunting for a wild animal?

No, I prefer petting one. I love animals and do not want to murder one myself

Last: What have I not asked you that you wish I had!

I would like you to ask me about my fears.

Kosta, Tell me about your fears?

Oh, what a surprise! That was exactly what I was thinking about J. I’m afraid of being lonely. Not being alone, but lonely. Loneliness can be present even if you are with someone, or with a lot of people. I also fear clowns and stupidity in other people. You never know what they may do. I’m not afraid of the unknown in fate, but if the unknown of people. People that hide things from me.

You will never feel lonely because you have a warm heart. People will be drawn to you before they know it.

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