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Questions for Lady F

So tell me, Lady F…

How often do guys hit on you?

Very often, but unfortunately mostly virtually…there are hundreds of men who would hit it off with me straight away on dating sites. I feel really popular among men, there is almost no man who I can’t have, if I invest a little time and efforts. Unfortunately, I never give the chance to someone who actually wants it. Obviously I am smarter, hotter and more sexually motivated than other women, but still I find ways to stay single.

Why don’t you give a chance to guys that want one? Isn’t that leading to a dead end?

I choose with my heart. I fall in love in a ubiquitous way. Verily, I am replete with emotions…which aren’t shared, but still they make me happy and alive. This is how I was created – to fall in love with certain people for an eternity, and befriend the world.

So in order for a guy to have a chance with you he must hide his intentions, right?

Well… I appreciate attention. But some people get somewhere with me by being attentive and dedicated, and some never get any (although I carry their hearts in my heart.) So I like to describe myself as a special edition of an easy catch.

Do you like the mysterious guy or the honest one?

I like the guy who listens. I rather prefer an air of mystery and sense of humor to blunt frankness (I wanna screw you!)

Like every woman really like to be showered with attention.

If he listens to me and enjoys me

it doesn’t matter if he is mysterious or frank.

If he shares something dearly intimate – I love him for that!

Tell me how would you like to meet the boy of your dreams. But try to recreate the conversation from the opening to the close.

Okay, I imagine we meet in Paris and instead of hanging in the museums, we have a drink in each cafe – and talk – talking is an aphrodisiac for me…and he says, he wants to tell me the nicest and deepest words he has to say… So he compliments me nicely on my morning look, and jokes and we kiss and make out, embarrassing the passers-by, having hot beverages and spending time like we deserve, sipping from fragrant cups a cinnamon flavored drink. We are sunk in adoration, sank in each other, and full of bliss. Like all people in love, we never get bored, for we speak only and always about ourselves. We can commence all kinds of conversations and nonverbal communication – we are happy just because we are together and it’s our spring honeymoon, and honey is dripping from our lips as we kiss…

So it’s the good conversation that turns you on, right?

A friend yesterday said that she digs intelligent men. I dislike dry intellect, a man should have passion and talents. On some occasions he has to be able to swear like a trooper, while being delicate enough to open the door for you. I am not into intelligent men, as I dislike sterile, intelligent conversation – I love them steamy and surprising.

So you like guys, that are cocky-funny and smart. And a little unpredictable?

You are beginning to fathom me, very slow and sure. You just described an incredibly attractive person.

But, you sound like you have just discovered the recipe of a gourmet meal.

I believe nice things happen a little carelessly.

So I do not keep a definition for the perfect man…

So you do believe in Fate?

I believe in soul-mates.

Fate is no more than a delineation of the way of your soul, you can always work on it.

How many times do we meet our soul mate in the course of one lifetime and are you afraid you may miss him or will be unable to spot him?

I have a plenty of soul mates. Some of them I have met in previous lives. So basically we have eternal relationships, which we interrupt by other relationships, but I believe the friendly vibe of the Age of Aquarius will bring them together around me.

Do you  prefer the successful guy, or the dreamer?

I need a hero. Heroes are usually idealistic people, and as you like to call them: decent. I am more attracted to the man’s philosophy of life, to his aristocratic conduct, and I have met a really gallant beggar. Money do not influence my type of man – he can live with or without them. But he’s got to be successful in the relationship – when it comes to emotional awareness, I am very picky.

Passionate, wild, or romantic kiss?


A kiss fueled by intense desire

I also like the “little romantic kiss””

the very minimalistic one…

a kiss on the cheek is one of my fetishes.

I also adore cheeks and like to kiss them.

To the point where everyone hates me for this.

Do you like massages?

Touch is a basic human need. I like massages and sensual pleasures and treats of all sorts. You justly noticed I delight in life with all my senses.

Do things have to happen fast or escalate slowly?

Slow motion for me. I need to perceive what is happening. Slow dancing is the best for lovers and fast music is for solos. I prefer to indulge in every single moment to the fullest. Slow and fast one should alternate…ask another question…

Do you kiss on the first date?



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