How To Have Sex With A Taurus


The Taurus woman has got a whole boudoir entirely to herself, with huge mirrors, candles and powder-puffs, long gloves, scarves, all kinds of cosmetic potions – should I continue? Ruled by Venus, she has got a lavish sensuality and is a lover of comfort, coziness and sensual delights. She loves all her belongings and is very fond of pretty little objects with sentimental value, so don’t forget to get her this expensive jewel.

Think slow massage with a cream smelling of vanilla and bourbon. It is a challenge to please her, so you have to start slowly and be ready for a long night of passionate pleasures. Cover her bed with rose petals, bring in red wine, and cheese, be stylish, be provocative, the body of this woman needs intense pleasures. She is very romantic and poetic-minded, so do recite your favorite poem by Robert Burns, while you are stealing a kiss from her upper lip. Taurus is the woman, for whom you should sing, the one you have to treat and wear top-hats for. She is impressed by the environment as well and for terrain prefers her perfectly comfortable home.

But how to satisfy a Taurus woman? She gives men the perfect blend between physical attraction and sentimental value. She is down-to-earth, usually composed and very charming. If you aren’t a generous lover, she will spend time with you napping on your bed, which is worse – even your marital bed. She can be really stubborn in her ambition for long, passionate love acts. Her lover has to devote to her a lot of emotional and rich moments. She wants to experience unrivalled passion. She is very amiable, but very picky when it comes to lovers. Sex with a Taurus woman is the ultimate experience, for the lover of the bon-vivant woman, who knows just how to ask for pleasure with her entire body.

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