Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

To Pay The Bill

What Do You Think Ladies – Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

Now, if her daddy is rich,
Take her out for a meal,
And if her daddy is poor,
Just do what you feel
Don’t pay the bill…


Who is to pay the bill? Love and money – the Beatles pledged that money can’t buy you love, but there exist ladies who prove this wrong. It is expected from the male to pay for dinner on the first date.

A Leo woman would say that men have to be gentlemen and polite, and they have to be generous and pay the bill for dinner. She wouldn’t go to bed with a man who has invited her to a dinner without paying – it creates some distance between partners. She needs to be nurtured and treated in order to yield to a man’s passions.

There is the other type of woman, who loves to be independent and loves paying for her pleasures. But even she would appreciate a lot if the man is capable of treating her. However, only 68% of men treat their date. The issue with paying the bill is so sensitive that it is better to avoid meals in a restaurant and cook dinner for her yourself. It is much most romantic!

So romantic!

It truly is a gesture for women and it truly can make guys moan in pain. However, guys, act like men: snatch at the bill and pretend you are going to pay it. If she does not interfere, she behaves traditionally, and there is nothing bad about it. In case she offers to pay – thank her and say you can get it. If she insists to pay her share it usually means she wants no obligations with you.

Relationship experts have found out that men should take care of the bill. The masculine energy has only two gifts to offer the feminine: from times immemorial, it’s a man’s job to protect and provide. A man is supposed to be relaxed, confident and grounded and take care of her. The easiest and most symbolic way of doing this is by providing the meal they both are sharing.

A man, on the other hand, wants a woman who is grateful and appreciates his generosity. When he invests his time, his talent and his treasure with the woman, he wants it to be acknowledged.

A tip for the guys – you don’t need to pay 100 bucks for a candlelit dinner, in order to check if there is chemistry when an ice-cream and coffee would provide you with this opportunity for just ten dollars.

Does He Have To Pay The Bill

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