Aries – Taurus Compatibility Tale


Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent male specimen with the Sun in Aries, who was called: Jean-Claude. He had long, black eyebrows, a long neck, thick shoulders, a beautiful smile and a dusky complexion and used to wear a black top-hat, which he lifted up a little when he learned new female names. He was confident, charming and damn sexy. He was easily attracted to bold, sophisticated and savvy women. Quiet life was not for him. So, he went out in a Club where he could listen to jazz and blues music and there he met Angele Claudine – a woman in her 25th year, ruled by the Sun Sign of Taurus. She was a minion and rather a curvy lady, she got Bette Davis eyes, voluptuous lips, and black long curly hair.

Since the Ruling planet of Jean was Mars, and the ruling planet of Angele was Venus, one could easily get that these two were mutually attracted to each other sexually without an overture. Jean’s instinct was to procreate, while Angele was looking for a long act of satisfaction. She took nothing less than perfection in her bed. She was rather sensual and attentive; her flirting style was magnetic and sweet – with a steady down-to-earth approach and the clash of two pints of beer. She was materialistic, which is why she got very fascinated when the generous Aries man offered to treat her. She immediately started employing body signals and since she touched him seemingly accidentally, he enjoyed the challenge of not being able to think straight.

She was quite feminine and smelled of really nice perfume. She was behaving in a friendly way, which Jean perceived as flirting – it just came so naturally to her. That night they would hit it off if it depended on Jean. But Angele – she loved to be seduced, wooed and chased. A month later she rewarded him with her sensual smile and open eyes. They went to her place – her perfect heaven, where she felt she belonged. Once he sunk into her, he felt her comfortable and calm aura. He subdued her sensuality with his daring, dashing masculine energy. He was a dominant and a powerful lover, it had to deal with male honor for him to prolong the act for the pleasure of the lady. She needed a lot of sex. He was ready to do it over and over.

But she generally preferred slow and sensuous sex at home and after a good meal, while her Aries man was more attracted to a frantic quickie, anytime, any place…

Jean was quite fond of himself and needed someone to admire him the entire time. Although he felt instantly connected to Angele they bumped into some differences in opinion. He needed excitement and adventure, while she needed security and stability. Good that she was calm and had a sense of balance. They needed to balance their differences. He hated being bored, and she was so languid. He was the Hero in the relationship, and she was the Lover, the bon-vivant. Both of them were horned creatures and they vigorously fought. He was risky and rush, she gave him some common sense. That said when Aries and Taurus come together there is likely to be a happy ending for them two. They were truly blessed, but Jean-Claude decided they should separate and look for a better match. She simply did not move to his speed.

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