How To Have Sex With An Aries


Whenever Aries has got a bad day – remember that they just need a hug.

Play soft music on the background – yes, your Aries man will make love to you on Classical tracks such as Ave Maria, and the Bolero – the masterpiece of Ravel, who wasn’t certain if it that was really music. Your Aries man will surprise you with his musical background. Try to not cry from pleasure, because Aries doesn’t do drama. He will work on you hard and fast, without patience, passionate and perfectly devoted to his lovemaking algorithms – he takes your pleasure seriously and has invented a science for it. Aries sex is like nothing else – you will remember it for a life time.

Make love during the day – because he loves to see you. Expect in your bed Mars – the passionate God of War, the Roman Deity, be prepared for some divine commands and hot lovemaking. There is hardly a Sign from the Zodiac, who wishes to take you a virgin more than Aries does. He loves spontaneous lovemaking and he is the ultimate Romantic lover. Be ready for some adventures – if he wants to have sex, that means he wants to have sex – he doesn’t care if it’s uncomfortable and public. Angry sex, make-up sex are in Aries’s domain as well.

His after sex comment is: Okay, let us do this again! He has got an innate, powerful and intense drive to please you.

He loves being on top. He will most likely invent a new position. An Aries man has got potent chemistry with the woman he likes. He is also reported to be among the best kissers of the Zodiac.

He loves being challenged. Innocence challenges him a lot. He will set fire to the world around him, but he will never let a flame touch you.

Born in Spring, he possesses the tough will of a sprout, which must eventually bloom. The fact that he loves you, means that every time he sees you – he gets so much excitement. Love is measured by the level of arousal. He will love to experiment and explore his fantasies. His energy, drive and open-mindedness makes romance and craziness meet.

If you really want to please him – touch Aries on the head. He has got millions of erogenous zones there. He likes it rough, and he is such a lover, that he will make you like it rough as well. He loves making out outside – so prepare for a hot session by the pool, under the summer scarf. He is super active and usually athletic and when he is into you – he wishes to please every cell of your body. He is an ambitious lover, who drives you insane with desire prior to penetration, and he will speak the hottest stuff to you and pretend that this isn’t happening. Chances are he will be inside you and tell you: that’s not what it looks like – for he is a teaser of the finest sort. He wants to satiate your appetites for pleasure and he will – there’s no stopping him.


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