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How To Keep A Woman Excited For Two Days

Small talk… No, I am serious! Chit-chat with the lady and every now and then imply that she deserves a…

curvy ladies
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An Article In Defense Of Curvy Ladies

  Curvy ladies are ancient They are like the statues of Greek Goddesses of ancient times. Once upon a time,…

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Planets rule the Heavens and travel on the Zodiac Belt. They are energies who influence our life experience. The Sun…

Kind of Kiss
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20 Kinds Of Kisses You Have To Taste

 The In-Love Kiss Two people fondly in love join their lips in a sweet union. It’s the only kind of…

sun moon
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If You Want To Learn Astrology

If You Want To Learn Astrology If you want to learn Astrology you might want to know how to make…

Zhang-Ziyi-31 (2)
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Sexuality Of Women in Their Twenties and Respectively Their Thirties

Women’s Sexuality In Their Twenties and Respectively In Their Thirties Sexuality In Her Twenties In her twenties, the woman is…

sex with sagittarius
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Sex With Sagittarius

How To Have Sex With Sagittarius? He is the lover-gentleman. He will take you to the stars. Ardently he will…

Taurus and Scorpio
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Taurus And Scorpio Love Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio is a great match After Michael, Angele did not feel devastated.  She soon went on a cruise…

Sex with Scorpio
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Sex With Scorpio

How does one have Sex with Scorpio? Well, sex with Scorpio is dramatic. Everyone knows, he is the best sexual…

Taurus and Libra
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Taurus And Libra Compatibility Tale

Angele Claudine and Michael Germaine – Taurus and Libra After being dumped by Eric Alexis, Angele Claudine soon found heart…

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Sex with Libra

How To Have Sex With Libra? Libra is the most artful lover in the zodiac. Sex with Libra is an…

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Taurus And Leo Compatibility Tale

Do you remember Angele Claudine – the Ultimate Taurus Woman- the curvy minion with Bet Davis eyes? After her almost…

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Sex With Virgo

She’s the one with the headache from the popular jokes. Truth is Virgo is sexually shy, and a little prude….

Aries and Pisces
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Aries And Pisces Compatibility Tale

How Do Aries And Pisces Relate? Lucile Lauren was the most sensitive woman Jean-Claude had met. She was born under…

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What Is A Horoscope?

See proper Astrology is way more complex than what the magazines are trying to impose on us. The birth horoscope…

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How Do The Signs Fall In Love

Aries, Man In the Medieval era, those born under the Sign of Aries would perform for you a serenade under…

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Aries And Capricorn Compatibility Tale

Isabelle Vivienne was Jean Claude’s crush from college because she was so deeply involved in learning that everyone admired her….

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A Song For Each Sign From Lady F

1. Aries Give Aries all the speed that he needs! He is passionate like a lightning. Blast him to Heaven!…