How To Spend New Year’s Eve On The Internet


Are you embarrassed that you have no plans how to spend New Year’s Eve? Here’s what to do:

Prepare your writing desk with treats of all sorts, such as foamy, sparkling champagne, peanuts or peanut butter, nuts, sweets, fruit and all kinds of gustatory indulgences. Open your faithful laptop and step inside the World Wide Web.

Spend New Year’s Eve in the most lovely destinations: Social Media

Imagine If You Spend New Year’s Eve on Facebook:

It’s full of your friends, even though they are somewhere on a party, most of them are still hanging on their cell phones and they are posting… You can browse pictures of the unearthly sexy guys they have met during their winter holiday in Madrid… pictures from their winter hiking achievements… pictures of their Christmas Trees and cookies, and holiday dinners…or just selfies with loved ones. You can make a group of Lonely Hearts on Christmas and spend time together with them virtually. People are lonely just because they have chosen to be so – the world is full of people looking…for other people, they might find fascinating…

Why Don’t You Spend Your New Year’s Eve Dating Online?

But the best plan will be if you organize a date with somebody, who feels you look extraordinarily in an erotically positive way – even if you don’t realize it shows. Three chat lines may equal to three orgasms, frankly. Virtually date someone, who can speak to you in an excited timbre – and tell you a tale or two that have nothing to do with the act. Tell him you would love to eat Brie Cheese from his belly. Tell him you would love to smear jam on his dignity and then lick it away…

Just tell him, Girl!

Tell him you want to make out in the sauna…It will be hot, you would hardly be able to breathe, and with slight movements, body against body, sparkling and slippery, you come together. He gets to look at your wet face with drops falling over it. He says he wants to look into your eyes, reading your gaze, during penetration. Yes, the virtual sex is something desperate, but you are going to manage! Even without using a single dirty word.

There are interesting facts I bet you never knew about erotic chat!

  1. It is more erotic when you are not looking at each other. Because the reality is imperfect compared to things imagined and for various other reasons.
  2. It is more erotic when you do not touch yourselves. Try to melt your insides using only verbal signals. That’s a challenge for your brilliant mind and your sexual creativity.
  3. It is only erotic when you have mutual attraction and respect for each other. You must desire each other more than the fruit or drink on the table.
  4. It’s more sublime when you avoid dirty talk…and still try to kindle each other, in a very polite way.
  5. The truth is you are not the only person concerned with erotic chat. There are loads of such societies online, where people go to read sexy stories and exchange sexy pictures and play sexy games.
  6. But the best online sex you will ever have is with someone you have deep feelings for, someone who melts your heart and fills your head with happy thoughts.
  7. Down with fetishes! They are not sexy. They make you depraved. Think of kissing good ways, hugging right, being in love!

Five Ideas for Erotic Chat

  1. Tell him that he is sexually unique.
  2. Share fantasies about making out in public places.
  3. Totally arouse him and drive him mad with flirtation.
  4. Make him admit he wants to suck on your lips.
  5. Make him confess that he is in a stupor from the waist down.

The Internet usually adds some mystery to communication. You don’t need to doll-up if you fancy your pajamas. You don’t have to do your hair. On the other hand – you can take a pic of you with Parisian red lipstick in a posh, silvery dress and with the fortune cookies. You may sing karaoke tracks, or just pin away in Pinterest, without the need to do something as loony as painting Santa Girl and the Snow Man on the wall. The Internet turned the world into a big village – you can hang out virtually with people from the entire world, but pick the right one. He’s the one tested by the checking of time, who has received recognition from your heart on many occasions through the year, your soul mate.

Just go. With him. Virtually. Anywhere. Explore, taste, take delight in giving in. Transcend distance and time.

Author: LadyF

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