How To Heal A Broken Heart

So How Does One Deal With It?

First, you have to know that the heart is a flexible muscle. So, the broken heart is one of the great illusions of life. You feel desolated, you feel like you don’t exist – but other people can touch you and see you, so this is not the case. Confused, you don’t know what to do. You are desperate.

But Hope Lives!

Hope still lurks somewhere and gives you more pain than the complete despair. For you are ready to go over and over the same fire and brimstone, that killed you the first time. But you’ve got plenty of lives, and plenty of planes on which to love, even though one of them is shattered.

Trust me there is something worse than broken heart, and I will tell you how it can be healed.

Make a tea. Put the right amount of honey. Place it on a tray and treat the oldest person in the house. Sit by them. Hug them and look into their eyes. Tell them you love them and always have. Tell them you are really in an extravagant muddle. See how their eyes fill with tears, when they say, they love you back. Aren’t you glad that you are alive?

Being Alive Is A Source Of Joy!

Now, that you know you haven’t perished, it’s time to relax about it. Read love poetry and cry. All those poetic souls have suffered in the same way, burned with passions, devastating at times, but in order to console yourself, you have to cry that river. So music helps. Poetry helps.

What is left is to deal with the fact that everything around you somehow symbolizes him. You have lived in this room, in this street, in this city at all times thinking about him. So, naturally, everything reminds you of him. But that too will pass, when you let go.

You have to let go…

How to let go? Just tell yourself, you love this person, always have, and always will, but you no longer want to marry him. You feel he will feel better with somebody else. You bless them in your heart and you move on.

Now, drown in creativity. You have to give voice of your aching heart – yes it Is not broken but it needs a discharge. Work for the sake of work, help anyone, create your own projects, express yourself freely and boldly. Know that when you invest your time in creativity good days will come in your life.

Now you need to get to the realization, that after all that suffering you are an improved version of yourself. Yes, surprisingly heartbreak makes people better. You no longer wish to hurt anyone the way you were hurt. It gives you wisdom, and in the long run a sense of achievement.

Once you realize that, you will no longer object to dash to the next love story with enthusiasm, and experience, but unfortunately with extremely low self-esteem. That’s the biggest trouble with heartbreaks.

The big trouble is:

In order to be able to survive heartache and have invincible spirits, you will have to have realized at least one of your great passions. If you have not – you are in the vicious circle of falling for people, and never having enough courage to ask for a love dance in the proper manner. Someone has to discover your heart underneath all the mattresses and featherbeds. They should gently invite you to open your sensitivity and let you shine like the true prince or princess you are.

So basically broken heart means you should love anew. Love again, until you feel happy. But when you are happy, you will conceive all the heartbreaks were like Christmas gifts for you. For after all of them, you have eventually learned how to love, and you have found eternal heaven in your beautiful heart.


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