Christmas In Venice

Christmas In Venice

Christmas In Venice Is Truly Enchanting

Does It Snow At Christmas In Venice?

Yes, it snows in the City of Waters. It snows beautifully as if precisely this snowfall has been requested by people of Venice from the heavenly creatures – to make Christmas miraculous. Venice is dotted in white and looks like an enchanting Goblin tapestry. All around, the place looks like a vintage postcard – with the churches and their vaults protruding crosses in the snowy skies, with the evergreen trees, all dressed in white, and the white roofs of the little houses with windows radiating warmth. One could imagine the merry family gathered around on a dinner with frankincense, holding their hands together, mumbling a prayer.

Santa Claus in Venice

Who needs reindeer in Venice? Perfectly equipped Santa Clauses ride their gondolas around in the canals singing Christmas carols in Italian. The gothic windows are adorned with lights. Italians walk around with variegated clothes and umbrellas – not like New Yorkers, who at that time of the year seem to wear only black. Italian women are exclusively beautiful and wear designer clothes.

How To Mix With The Crowd

If you want to look local, you should comply with the local Christmas fashion rules:

Wear a fur hat. If possible, with pink nuances which reflect the color of your lips and dark brown nuances which underline your pretty eyes. Wear a scarf – as colorful and big as it can get. Wear all that with your favorite jacket.

If Venice was a lady:

If Venice was a woman, she would be Monica Bellucci, the perfect Queen of Spades, with her velvet lips and deep, intelligent eyes, and glossy, long hair. Venice possesses her charm and feminine attractiveness, her exotic presence. Eros Ramazotti made a video of one of his songs only shooting the face of Monica Bellucci the entire time. She was posing unpretentiously, perfectly organic and natural, without making artificial faces, still flickering her long eyelashes, and pouting her beautiful lips, gorgeous like Tutankhamun’s golden mask, fully aware of her charm and female power. That’s how Venice makes a man feel.

The Venice Carnival

On the eve of the Christmas in Venice Carnival, everybody’s out wearing masks. That’s the time of the year when hotels of Venice are exploding with tourists. Hotels of Venice are beautiful, opulent and first class service. The general managers of the hotels come to work every morning in their little boats. The doormen of the Hotels in Venice treat the guests with heart. The hotel barmen create their own cocktails and ask celebrity visitors to name them.

Venice and Romance

Venice is the romance capital of the Earth. You should not wait for a Christmas in Venice. You can begin to love it immediately. As Goethe wrote: “Venice can be compared only to itself.” Around Christmas, you wake up from the melody of countless chiming bells. The morning room service is presentable for hotels  in Venice with traditions, style, and glamor – they are helpful and cheerful and high-class, and they bring delicious breakfast. The suites are perfect to spend the nights in, wearing only a red, satin robe, preferably – with a companion.

So if you want to recover from your routine – plan a Christmas in Venice and tap into that spirit of Joy and Love.

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