Teens And Apolitical Culture

being apolitical

Being apolitical is not simply being blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems.

Being apolitical is also a political statement.

The fact that you do not discuss politics with your coevals, and that you are genuinely apolitical does not mean you don’t have political culture.

I even find that exactly politicians truly lack in political culture nowadays.

There is one simple problem to be solved by the governments in order to improve life on the blue planet: Everybody must have an equal chance.

Instead of focusing on simple, existential problems – politicians are dealing with the diarrhea of camels in the Sahara desert, figuratively speaking. They are voting on clauses of laws dealing with really unimportant stuff. They spend time spitting on each other in the plenary hall, insulting each other, they are full of themselves, they are inefficient.

Politics would have been fascinating…

I would be fascinated with politics if it was as in the olden days of America: “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” I imagine a government of young expert volunteers, who will not rule but will guide the country through the obstacles and troubles of life. They will be positive about all people and will certainly try to improve their lives. They do not need to be politically colored – left or right. That’s a superficial division. They only need to be dedicated, responsible and smart.

I believe a person should be “political” in regard to their immediate environment. That means to create and bring goodness in the world. It’s much, much more important than voting, for if the cells of society – families – are in good condition, the society will flourish.

Do not look down on me….

So do not look down on me, because I don’t vote. I don’t vote simply because I am not enchanted by the people who apply to lead the nation. I believe the people is disappointed by them and will never trust in them as if they are true leaders. Being apolitical is not the opposite of being passionate about politics. In fact you may have plenty of solutions in your mind. You know what is destroying the planet, you know what is killing us people, and you know that governments can stop all of it today, now, as we speak. But they seemingly have more important things to do. Which is why I don’t stain my hands with politics. It’s a dirty job – to stand before the people and promise stuff, then lead the people to despair.

I am growing up to change this.

As a matter of fact, I am growing up to change the world. I will join efforts with other apolitical people and together we will have an important impact on society.

Another reason for not taking the politicians seriously is their funny dispositions. Once upon a time I discussed with a friend of mine if our president is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in the country. He said – “honestly the today’s president can not command me into a battle.” Really, the president looks very docile. “Well,” I asked, “what he can command you to do in such case?” He said: “to enroll a course in embroidering.” Forgive him for the smile.

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