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money making

Baby, you can drive my car!

Do you want to be professionally orientated? Are you barely eighteen? That’s the worst age for money making. Most people think you are supposed to wait tables and shine shoes. Do not allow them to persuade you in this.

Get a life, not a job!

You have to think the entire time of developing the best skills for your professional portfolio.

1. Money making – you better sell your talents!

You may be a dormant writer or a very talented singer. Write articles for dollars, and sing in the main street for some more dollars. Collaborate with other friends who can sing so, that you can get the glamorous feeling that you are the best band in the world. You should take pleasure in your work. You should consider monetizing your talents in all these cases:

If you have good organizing skills – you can offer to organize birthday parties, or barbecues, or other small events like the show of the local folklore club, or the performance of the town’s theater troupe.

In case you can paint on stones, or shoes, or clothes – you can open your own artistic atelier.

If you are a graphic designer develop your skills, you might one day deal with animation.

Do you code well? It’s a most wanted skill!

Can you reinstall an OS?

Do you play the guitar?

Can you cast an astrological birth chart? Are you able to interpret it a little? Make an announcement in the local newspaper.

Paint pictures and sell them on the main street during the weekends.

Do you photograph well?

Can you tell a story? Contact the advertising agencies with your ideas.

Do you dance? Or do yoga? Start a recreational class for beginners.

Stand up comedy! Okay – that’s for the bravest teenage souls.

2. Money making: Sell your gifts!

If you have a nice voice you might want to record whiteboard video scripts. Whiteboard videos are incredibly popular nowadays. The voice is a rather powerful instrument.

When you have a knack for languages, you can privately teach elementary students.

If you have a way with animals you may walk dogs in the morning.

In case you have a strong body, you can help people relocate.

If you are gorgeous, you can photograph yourself with people’s products.

3. Sell your belongings!

Make a garage sale! It is fun to sell your stuff in the summer. Get rid of all the things that are in good condition, but you haven’t used them for the last year.

The contemporary option is to sell your stuff on eBay.

Even better – buy stuff on eBay and sell it in front of your garage.

Host a traveler in a vacant room in the house for a small rent.

4. Money Making online!

A very popular way of monetizing your PR skills is to work as an online assistant for a firm. Plenty of companies outsources their administrative work to people with good command of language all over the world. You can also offer your skills as a researcher to the relevant companies. By all means – do not try to make money by processing advertisements. You will get more money if you beg in the streets.

5. Make money in a part of your time!

It is excellent if you can invite friends over to your house and do their hairstyles or manicures, for an affordable amount of money.

Promoting companies in department stores is also a job for teens. It requires people skills.

Can you organize a trip for old ladies?

6. Prepare your own herbal concoctions and sell them on the Sunday market.

You can also:

– bake muffins or anything else for that matter. People are in love with pastries in general.

– knit hats and necklaces

– make jewels

– or make dolls from rags

– make pots from clay

– or make toys and adornments for the Christmas market

– sell organic cosmetics

Basically, the most important thing to realize is that your list of potential jobs should not be too different from your bucket list. Do the things you love and find the people who need them from you. Never give up on your talents, even if you are discouraged by other people. Walt Disney was thrown out of a job in the local newspaper – for the lack of imagination.

What if you really don’t have a talent in the world? Well, talents are something you can always improve in. You will do well if you ask a master to be their apprentice, like in olden days. You will learn a lot, and you will naturally benefit from your experience. Lastly, even making a coffee or ice-cream for somebody is good, if you do it from the heart and with the right amount of cream.

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