I Love Them Both And I Can Not Choose

I love them both

I love them both

I am in love like a school-girl and I am in trouble. To love them both and have all of them loving me…

Two men.

None of them believes he is the only one.

It is such a ridiculous situation.

I love them both as If they are Christmas stars.

Does being fabulously in love with a guy mean you can’t fall for his best friend as well?
Is it wrong to have two very good spiritual friends at the same time?
Can the human relationships be more diverse, than what we are used to?
What if I have to give one up? They are both handsome and lovely! What am I going to do?

Being in love with somebody means simply focusing on him with your entire love might. Your soul shines from rapture and illuminates his soul, which shines in return. Is there room for another in this already shining relationship?

Can you shift the focus without really hurting anyone?

It depends on how dearly the people in the threesome treat each other.
The fair sentiments of friendship will clear jealousy away.
Honestly, if there is something more wonderful than a committed relationship between two, it is a committed relationship between three. Rapture grows with number.

But there is one basic condition for it. All the people involved have to be best friends.

You have to keep sending signals to everyone in the relationship, that you hold them dear in your heart, that you have unique attitude to any of them.
You and your girl semi-sex besties from highschool – it’s a sort of a polyamorous relationship, but without the sexual tension.

Trust me, it gets better with the sexual tension.

Since I remember myself, I have been dramatically in love with more than one man.
Like the rose of the Little Prince – they have been unique to me in all the world.
Because of the time I have spent tending the dream of them.
And whenever I have been forced to choose one of them I have felt like a mother choosing between her children.

For all of them are heavenly in an unique way.

Among the millions and millions of stars they are like mighty pulsars to me.
What I learned from experience, is that you have to explain your crush and not cheat but be honest to any of them. You need to make them befriend each other and make them relate to each other like brothers do. If you get them to admire each other they will like to feel connected through you as well. As if you are their Christmas tree, which they will all adorn and place presents for each other underneath. Being the love focus of a polyamorous dream is being intensely alive. You are not a couple – you are buddies, care bears, enamored. It is a way to make guys always chase you and be challenged by you.

Two men.

Make them certain each of them is the only one. Give them sense that you belong to them. Have them admire their love feats, demonstrate your adoration. You are with them, but it doesn’t mean you are cheating on any of them – for loss of trust will destroy a relationship. You are faithful, in that you will never approach a man without their permission and approval, and you will never approach a man, if both of you are not dearly in love.

Yes, being in love with two or more people is breaking the rules of monogamous relationships, but such relationships have their own rules and potential as well. All folks in the world love commitment. If you are afraid of commitment – you can’t commit to one person, let alone more people.

It is not a ridiculous sitaution.

It’s a cosmic, shamanic way of being in love.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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