How Do Guys And Girls Deal With Problems

How do both sexes deal with problems?

Girls have PMS.
It is enough for them that they deal with problems like that.
Guys are the problem solving animals.
Anything a girl can offer for your problems amounts to some compassion.
She will sit beside you, pat your shoulder and looking at you straight in the eyes, she will confess:
“I know that feels awful, dear!”
That makes you feel good.

That’s how girls deal with problems.

But if you want a true solution for your problems, you have to ask a man.
They have chivalric virtues in their souls.
They have an innate aspiration to support you, and guide you.
One of the most basic functions of men is that they raise the women around them.
Men delight in women.
They are the ones who will duel with somebody for your honor – or simply beat that guy who is not that much into you.

In them you can trust.

They open doors for you. Who else will treat you pizza? They make out with you in the corners and they are there whenever you need a true problem-solver.
If you are cold – they will give you the shirt.
In case you are insecure, they will tell you you look pretty.
If you break your heel, they will break the other one, so that you can walk.
They will feed you like a stray cat if you are bankrupt.
Unlike girls, who only think what they will say next – guys are the best listeners in the world. They even remember what you have told them – for years.
If you look jaded, they tell you: You are in such a wonderful mood today!

That makes you feel happy.

Men are the heralds of happiness.
They love feeding you and warming you.
Men will always sing along with you in the car.
They are there when you break your tyre.
Men are your guardian angels.

All women, on the other hand, are mother figures. They love to hug and give advice. Their tenderness is inspiring. Even if they act spiteful – you have to know they are affectionate creatures – splendid like sensitive, bad children. Even if they are not as smart as men, they are profound and subtle and while men are reasonable, women are very, very emotional. If the man is burning for them, they have ways to keep a distance thus preventing all kinds of relationship troubles. Women are mysterious and intuitive, they will most likely remember where you have left your stuff. Their solutions are not based on science, but on soul, they are the emotional healers. They are your Good Fairy Godmother.


So whether you will ask a guy or a girl, depends on whether you want your problem to be solved, or your heart to capable of living with it.


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  1. There are many elements that serve as a factor for the outfit of someone’s character. Although at first sight it may look strange, a role exchange occuring between two different gender representatives certainly has its uses. Up to this very moment it has given us a convincing proof of its positive attitude, since it contributes to the stability of an emotional bond via providing a mutual knowledge for a man and a woman. There is indeed a border in the behaviour between the genders, but its origin is more likely to have emerged from traditional basics than having been forged by a modern human consciousness. One is able to realize the truth relying on the masses on information flowing on different kinds of sources nowadays. And it is clear that, in modern times, none can explain the basics of an individuality, since its unique ability of adaptation to the harsh conditions of life has granted it such a rapid change that it is almost undetectable. There may be some biological differences between male and female genders, but in fact they are both human and their behaviour depends not on the physics they are, but to the psychic model they possess. In that manner, a male could act like a female. The contrary is possible as well. And in the end – No matter with what kind of support you provide others , if it is pure, its worth is commendable.

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