What If You Fall For Your Best Friend And He Rejects You

fall for your best friend

Did you fall for your best friend?

Destiny has never been so cruel. Not even when you can’t find a pair of similar socks in the morning. After years of friendship, you discover you are true soulmates.You are so happily enamored! You have discovered true, faithful and eternal love. You welcome this emotion like a revelation – you have already achieved so much in this relationship.After all, you fall for your best friend! All that is left is shared sexual pleasure, and you feel you can be rewarded with it on a regular basis, to form the perfect relationship: friends with benefits.

He of all people!

Everything suddenly sinks, because he of all people rejects you. The person you have trusted in with your heart, and soul, your bestie. The man who has paid you most attention in your life. He has heard your fake singing, and he has praised you, he has read all your creative texts, he has wiped your tears literally. Together you have despised all the men, who did not pay enough attention to you. He has supported you through so many heartbreaks…it is really heartless and cold, and reckless of him to reject you sexually. You never want to fall for your best friend again.

What do you have to do?

What is there to be done? Do not humiliate yourself too much in order to try to save your relationship. You can no longer treat him with that utter trust, which bonded you in the course of your friendship. Normally, you have your own, good reasons to feel betrayed. Naturally, you are disappointed, you feel insecure, you are afraid of commitment. You are broken in a bad way, because you feel in your heart you have achieved something with this person. Suddenly it’s broken down and stepped upon from someone you did not expect to treat you like this. Why were you so stupid to fall for your best friend?

Of course, you will cry

Еven worse, you will reconsider your relationships with people. You will no longer trust so easily. He broke your heart worse than any of your flames, because you have connected on the spiritual level, and he rejects your sexuality, which is truly humiliating for a girl. You are in such pain, and the worst is that you can’t call him and get drunk with him and swear at the person who rejected you happily together.

And what are you supposed to do?

Go out with one of your friends – a girl, and tell her about it. Indulge in criticizing the men species with her. Have a martini. Have a pancake and other good things in life. Go to a karaoke club and sing your heart out. You may be heartbroken, but you don’t need to stay heartbroken forever. Look around – life is moving on.

Focus on your own wonderful being.

Just breathe in – it’s a form of pleasure. Return spiritually to the fair hours of childhood, when everything was good and holy. When men suck – women are the best option for recovery. Go clubbing – ladies night out, drink Virgin Bloody Mary and have some decent fun. Be the center of your own universe. Throw away emotional rubbish. Look at your friend in the face, and forgive him – even if only for your own sake. He broke your chances with him, but not your chances with life. So be wise – keep moving on. Gather your pieces together and be a fight till the sunlight.

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