The Exaggerated Makeup Effect

exaggerated makeup

Guys seem to be beware of the paint.

Girls, don’t do exaggerated makeup!

Is there something more tasteless than glaring makeup?

If it’s your prom night, all your female friends will say you look awesomely.

But they will remember it for years and reproach you on any occasion with a forgiving smile. For flashy makeup even on a flashy occasion is the greatest cosmetic crime of all, followed close by a terrible hairstyle.

Learn to say no to the professional!

Makeup and hairstyle are essential for the girl on a special occasion. All of us like to doll up a little and look adorable. However, plenty of times, the coiffeur, and the make-up artist are not that talented. In such cases – learn to say “No!” even in the midst of a grown-up crowd who will assure you, that you’ve got the look. Trust your intuition above all.

There was one teacher in our high-school, who taught us Geography. She was a pleasant woman with a round face, and well-maintained hair. Her only shortcoming was that she put on really tasteless makeup – loads of it. We tenderly called her: The Pizza, for her face looked like this delicious Italian meal.

It is better to look really careless than beyond the tasteless. You will not gather all the looks, chances are you will not gather compliments as well, but you will still be closer to irreproachable, while wearing excessive makeup may make you look irrelevant.

Makeup can be artistic

Heavy makeup is highly artistic and it has to be done by a true connoisseur – a guru in the profession. It’s like preparing gourmet food – not anyone can do this, it is not for daily consummation, and it is not cheap. But his effect, when done right for the right occasion can be fabulous. The right occasion will be the first night – on the stage, not among lovers. Men seem to be scared by exaggerated makeup, even your glittering chapstick makes them pout while they are licking it away from their lips. Most men admit that they prefer to kiss a woman’s naked lips. Heavy make up is mostly misunderstood – guys like their girls natural. There is hardly a scarier thing than to wake up with a girl, who hasn’t removed her makeup after the party – seriously, she looks like Kesha in performance – scary and affected.

So in order to be cool, you have to be careful with exaggerated makeup. Just stay away if you can avoid it. Maybe on Halloween – well you got the idea, wink!


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