Are You A Cat Person, Or A Dog Person


But why should we divide people to dog people and cat people – can anyone explain to me? Why should we restrict ourselves? All animals are lovely!

It seems W.Churchill was a pig person!


Oscar, our home oligarch is napping on the couch. Looking at him, makes me think I am really a cat person. The truth is we celebrate Oscar as a member of the family. He is cute and white, he is admirable, he is simply perfection. And he is so smart! My silly kitten!

And we all say
“Oh, well I never, was there ever
A cat so clever as magical
Mr. Mistoffelees”

Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person
Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person

“I love cats,
any cats;
small cats,
big cats,
thin cats,
fat cats,
skinny cats,
toms and queens,
kittens and adults,
black, white,
or pussy willow…”
Lobsang Rampa

Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person
Oscar napping.

In Celtic lore cats were considered sacred.
They were Goddess Diana’s animal totems in Roman mythology.
Egyptians also celebrated cats.
They drew the carriage of the Norse Goddess Frejya.They are mysterious, taciturn, and self-willed.

Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person
Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person

“For he will do
As he do do
And there’s no doing anything about it!
T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person
Pussy Cat Oscar

Sometimes Oscar acts like a human. He has got the same palette of emotions that we people have. Really, he has got dignity, a feeling of belonging to the family, he always “helps”, he is always present at the family gatherings. He eats, sleeps and loves.


“Never let anyone say that humans are superior to animals, for this cat has got a personality which in a human, would raise it to sainthood, and that is truly meant.” – Lobsang Rampa


T.S. Eliot wrote the great Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats – which is the script for the famous and fabulous musical Cats.


The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have
three different names!


The cat walks in the room and announces:
-Well, here I am!
The dog walks into the room and notices:
– Oh, there you are!


I have never had the honor of owning a dog. When I was a little person that was my favorite dream – so I guess I have been a dog person back then. Dogs give you adoration and admiration, they are your best friends because they are totally into you – at all times.


“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
Charles M. Schulz

Dogs are happiness in fur. They fill your hearts with blessings. Always and forever, they greet you with enthusiasm. They are the best companions even to blind people. Dogs attach themselves so much to their owner, that they do not wish to be without them.

Dogs are really fabulous. But cats can also act faithful and obedient. Let’s compare cat people to dog people:







Here! Dog people and cat people are actually alike. We don’t need to fight because of our preferences.


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