To Have A Sister

My sister is not always right. But she is always my sister.

When my parents asked me if I want a brother or a sister, I said: a doggie, please!

Once upon a time, my sister was born, I felt she is the most beautiful baby in the street, in the town, on the entire Earth.

Her name was Valeria, and she was born on a cusp between Leo and Virgo, with extremely difficult aspects in the natal chart.  She is a very ambitious soul and I believe she has been a mermaid in a past life – the kind of woman who allures men with her devastating beauty.

When we were children we whined and betrayed each other every day. Everyone expected me to act bigger and wiser, which I didn’t. Her motto in life was: with boohoo, you can achieve anything. We simply hated each other. I had to yield her whims every time and I loved my freedom. This resulted in fire and brimstone.

My parents called her “the silent step” because she often sneaked out of the house to go outside. They called me “the silent trouble” because trouble was my specialty. There are still men who greet me with: “Hi, trouble!”

While she was growing I always helped her with homework. It’s simply something I excel at. We are terribly different. I love literature, she distastes it. I doll up for 15 minutes, she dolls up for an hour and a half. We have a different attitude to life’s problems and quite different philosophy. I believe in love, she denies its very existence. Still, she digs my advice and looks for my company.

Nowadays, I admire her strength to overcome difficulties. I have seen her in so many situations, and she is touching. She tries to take care of me. I love her even when she is angry.  We give each other advice. We cook and eat together. Life is not life without her.

Do you want to learn to love, young men and women? Love your sister unconditionally!

The way you care for her defines how you will care about the person with whom you have the “perfect relationship.”  She is the one person in my life, who taught me how to love, to be careful, to be thankful, to strive to surprise her in a pleasant way. To make coffee for her in the morning, and fetch her some tea and pills, when she is ill. She taught me to think about her and her problems and try to alleviate them and try not to disappoint her. Since we are there for each other, there is more love and soul in what we do.


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