When You Believe You Are Chatting With Him

He wants some space in your “wicked head.”

Wait, your head is not wicked!

Why would he say so, doesn’t he know you better already?

That’s a bit suspicious.


Dear Girl,

Do you love chatting with strangers? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Very often you will presume you are chatting with your high-school crush. You will pretend that he employs a secret identity in order to chat with you and court you anonymously. You will “recognize” that his writing style and his pen name truly reveal something especially to you.  Obviously, if he stalks you virtually, he is into you – and that makes you immediately unleash your fantasies and desires. Yep, that’s him!

That may not actually be the case.

But it is enough to think it is.

So how do you behave?

You become more than sexually appealing and aggressive. You promise the poor boy you are going to grant him three wishes, like the golden fish, simply because you are in the mood. The bare truth is that you are actually only in the mood for chatting with the guy you dream about.  You want to tell him the deepest, and the most beautiful words you have to say. Everything is simply wonderful – while the chat proceeds, you begin to imagine the future together with him, raising his children. After all, behind the computer screen, you are flirty and self-confident and you don’t need to act like a moron in his presence – desperate for his attention.

On his part, he says he’s really falling into you, for no one is so provocative and enchanting. You believe that’s the normal situation – yep, that’s him, he’s already into you!  You start telling him slow and good stories. He believes your persistence in hitting on him is admirable. You keep dreaming and ask him what his job is. He replies he is in the same sphere as your crush. Yesss, that’s him!  He says you zing and you jinx him. Who else could it be? You ask for an another four-lettered word.

You have no reason to doubt it is him.

What if you have a reason?

Say, he says to you he migrated from Afghanistan to the USA – like noone you know. You simply smile on the inside. He’s messing with youuu!!! You tell him you are experienced with guys such as him. He says he likes you already. You think: “ he likes me, always has, always will, I think he wants to marry me!”

Then you begin to tell him stuff such as:

I know you’ve been falling for me for the past five years.

Confess, it is  you!

Since he doesn’t confirm it is him, but he doesn’t deny it either, you decide to go for it and hit it off with him straight away. After all, he’s your darling.

So you virtually make out with him. You enter his virtual room, and you sit on his virtual pillows. When you are in the midst of a romantic conversation, you ask him if he remembers knowing you from a past life, and he confirms. Yay, it is him!!!

You ask him if he remembers the times, when the air between you could be cut like a knife.

Then, after the short and memorable act: more and more suspicious stuff – he begins to reveal he is not the craved personality.

That’s not him! You just gave in to a stranger! You feel you are going to perish. This insolent, heartless man stole your virtual intimacy and you are ready to cry. You feel dirty. Someone has abused your fantasies. You almost feel violated. You cannot believe your real crush wants to leave you alone in a world like this…

You open the next window.

Every finish line is the beginning of a new race.

That could be him!


Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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