Tripping To Paris For Christmas

Paris is where honeymooners go.

It is the best holiday destination as well.

The City of Lights (La Ville Lumière) shines really bright at Christmas. It’s like the entire beauty of the civilized world is celebrated there.

The street musicians sing and play and the teenagers merrily jump in tune while they are passing by them – the holiday mood can be felt everywhere. There is a crowd in the street, but no one is nervous or claustrophobic – it is a very calm, happy, aristocratic crowd, passing by in their winters coats and hats – primarily a young crowd. The church bells ring, and the Ferris Wheel is full of happy enamored couples, who like to see Paris from above.

Along the Seine, people feed the pigeons, to encourage in them the Christmas spirit as well. Small ships carry guests along the river – for a true holiday adventure. At night Paris is screaming: “Happy Christmas!” because it shines everywhere. In the atriums of the city malls the Christmas trees seem to be endless – they are seen from the terraces of all floors.

French people know how to have fun at Christmas, with red wine and cheese gourmet. They dig experimenting with cheese as much as Italian people dig experimenting with coffee. They know how to make Christmas just right. French people are simplistically elegant and they present class which is only masked as ordinariness.

All kinds of shiny and pretty little objects are sold at the holiday markets to people in a festive mood. There are countless Christmas trees and adornments around the city – all of them sparkle like in a fairy tale. You can come upon a café called The Chocolat – an intimate, small place with a Santa Claus drawn on the window. It’s the perfect place to indulge in people watching.

Women wear simple, very feminine attire and chequered scarves. They style their hair in decent buns. In Paris you can see a gentleman in a perfectly conservative suit, riding a bike. You can see even a woman in high heels and a helmet ride a bike, and still wear Parisian red manicure. You might come upon an old man dressed in white all over, with a black walking stick. You can see hugging people who are glad to see each other again. You keep seeing people who look like someone you have seen before – possibly movie stars. The best thing is you can have hot coffee and warm muffins with your beloved at Christmas, and you can do it in each cafe. Paris at Christmas is always a good idea.


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