How To Be Sexier


What makes people sexy?

The way they move, the way they talk, the way they smile and address people, and shake hands, and their remarkable sense of humor that makes you burst with laughter. Surprisingly – people are sexy mostly because of their manners. When you find somebody, who is usually very rude, but opens the door for you – you are intrigued.

Sexiness is about contrasts: a minx who is angelical. It’s in surprises: a female hacker, tights under ripped jeans, the natural enchantment of someone who is not trying to be sexy at all.

Sexy people shine, their eyes exude light. They are simply happy and adorable, open and amiable, and being sexy has less to do with their looks. It is more related to how they feel about these looks.

It is true that sexiness depends a lot on your attitude to yourself. Which is why people like to doll up, when they what to feel attractive. Once again: it’s not what you wear, but how does that make you feel. Most girls believe that sexiness is concealed in the fishnet tights, high heels, and heavy makeup. That is not the case. Most men will admit that a woman needs only a smile to be pretty.

However, if you have to wear heavy makeup in order to feel remarkable – then definitely, go for it. That will help you get in the sexy mood. It is said that when a woman wants to change she starts with her hair. A hot hairstyle makes you feel inviting. A woman should at least once a month wear a sophisticated bun – that makes her vibes so much more aristocratic and elegant.

Sexiness is something on the inside that makes people sparkle with joy when you are around them. While it has some to do with your brand new coat, and your fancy scarf, sexiness also depends heavily on undergarments. If you put on some seductive lingerie, even if nobody sees them and even if nobody knows about them, you will still feel fairly attractive. It gives you a magnetic aura, this feeling of lace panties and walking around braless. No, you don’t need to show – you just need the sensual experience of it. However, when you strip for your lover, his bravest fantasies will come true.

Once again it’s not you wear, it is what you emanate. Rich men have this peculiar radiance around them – they look expensive and fabulous, and they look like they know what effect that has on you. They have a different self-esteem, from feeling financially secure. So to some extent – having money is sexy.

Places can be especially hot. Imagine a deserted beach, you and your beloved lying on the white sand under the green palms and near the blue water. You are asking him to touch you. He can be as bold as they come – you are alone in heaven. It could be the sensual experience of a lifetime.

So basically what you, guys, have to claim with your appearance and behavior reduces to:

I move and talk in a smart way, my smile is heavenly, and you are lucky to have me here. I am an angel but also a sexual beast and it’s good to meet you. I am wearing the sexiest Paul Jones boxers on the market, I have grease in my hair, I am fabulous, aristocratic and wealthy, and I am going to take you to heaven!

Author: LadyF

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