How To Know If He Likes Me

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.

Do you like yourself, girl?

Chances are if you do – you will be vital, cool and natural – in other words: irresistible. The attention you are going to get from the male species is reciprocal to your self-confidence. As Madonna put it: “Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever loved by anybody else…” This kind of confidence is usually displayed by women in their thirties. We know you are young, and insecure is your second name, even though you are smart, and pretty, and insanely sexy. In fact, we women are most beautiful at sixteen. But men prefer mature women because they are savvy with men.

Now here are some certain signs that a young boy likes you, from the savvy Lady F.

He can’t take his eyes off of you. Your name is his every second word. He becomes pro-active at your presence. He is capable of doing desperate stuff to attract your attention.
He is trembling when he touches you. Now, I know it is not very attractive and manly, but you really mean something to him, so don’t be such a heartless bitch. His self-confidence in these sensitive years depends on you.

Guys in their eighteens do everything to impress a girl. Some of them coin a strategy. Ask any man why he started playing a musical instrument in high-school – the answer is: “Girls dig it!” Girls are fascinated by talented, artistic and sensitive men. Guys learn to play the guitar or dance just to score girls.

Some of them are really romantic. They will make you a serenade or fly a balloon outside your window with the message “I love you.”  They will write “I love you!” on your box of pencils. Next thing is they will try to really scare you with a spider. They will be using a mirror to look at you if you are behind them in class, and just to make sure they’re doing it make a funny face and watch them giggle.

Expect guys to draw caricatures on your desk of the guys you hang out with. They secretly go through your purse when you are away and snatch diaries and all kinds of stuff. If you are the most popular girl in school – chances are everybody knows the password of your e-mail, but guys will still act innocent. They talk a lot of behind your back – dirty stuff. They are jealous as wasps. If you make them jealous, they will make out in front of you. Guys are just the same plotters as girls, even more so. The chance is they will mistreat you and secretly love you and hate you for making them love you so.

You know he likes you – when you have got secrets, you have never talked about – small rituals just among the two of you – for instance when he is playing your favorite song on the guitar, or when he says “hello”, when he’s happy and “hi, there,” when he’s angry. He knows your whereabouts the entire time, and most of the time you will also bump into him.

Even so, it all comes down to liking yourself.

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