Five Ingredients For The Perfect Date

  1. Taste

Now if her daddy is rich – take her to fine dining or wine tasting. You want to remember and post in Facebook the gourmet food you have shared with your girlfriend. But if her daddy is poor – at least once a month serve her pancakes and jam in bed, she will most definitely award you for this. Girls know how. Put vanilla and cinnamon in her coffee and serve it with chocolate soufflé sprinkled with sugar. Explore local cuisine when you are on a road trip adventure together, do share every sip, every bite with her. Sharing food is so romantic, some people even take it in bed. But once you are enamored – the best taste in the world will be the lips of your sweetheart.

  1. Smell

Start from the sensual perfume. Proceed with your favorite chewing gum. You want to have a nice breath, and nice scent of your body – for which women use a lot of creams smelling like bourbon vanilla. Then pay attention to the surroundings: light an aromatic candle, or an intense incense stick. Gift some fragrance in the form of flowers or flower petals all over your bed –now that’s so cliché, but girls seem to dig it. Share a pipe or a cigar with chocolate flavor. Among the things that smell nice are also your clothes and pillows, the forest air, the sea’s sparkling waves, the kitchen when you are cooking cream caramel, your favorite meals and aphrodisiac essential oils.

  1. Touch

Love cuddling by the warm fireplace? You, teenager are sensitive to touch. Most girls are more sensitive than boys: touch is their basic human need. Begin from cuddling and proceed with touching her fingers, her hair and her face, her back, her wrists and her breasts – this woman is yours only if you touch her. Gently massage, kiss, rub, enjoy the sensation, arouse every cell of your body. Touch is the most tangible form of generosity. When you make out – you not only live longer – you get lucky! Tonight is the night!

  1. Sight

Think of something that will surprise the eyes: a natural wonder – a forest, a mountain peak or a beautiful garden, a museum of porcelain, a gallery night out. Touring an incredible old city, with special vibes, such as Paris, spending time among the flower beds in a park, watching the snow fall through the window, or watching the sunset and sunrise together. Walk upon the bridges and look at the river, walk on squares and watch people feed the pigeons, get on the highest building in your city and absorb it with eyes from above. Anything that stimulate the eyes is a wonderful ingredient for romance. Give to teenage people bread and circuses.

  1. Sound

Music makes people emotional. We people are sensitive to sounds: chirping birds in park confessing to each other that they want romance just as badly, as we humans do. Listening to the sound of Niagara waterfalls, or going to a live concert  – a band that everybody knows. Just get into a festive mood. Play loud music under the shower and sing along. Go to a karaoke club and take the floor. Not everybody can sing, but all of us genuinely love singing when we are just a little bit tipsy. We love the sound of rain against our window when we have cuddled comfortably inside with Winnie The Pooh.

Sounds fondle our ears and tickle our hearts

Author: LadyF

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