Lady Gaga Has Evolved


From Bad Romance, to Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga has matured. She does no longer look as sick as in her first performances.

It was a tragedy that she became the idol of 11-year-old girls who hoped for her album on their birthdays – with videos like Alejandro or Bad Romance.

While we can not deny that she is a very creative and talented musician – a normal person can not stand to watch her videos.

Men in fishnet tights, grotesque glasses, and most of the time you can really see well the color of her bikini. Semi-nude men complete the scene.

“I want you ugly, I want you diseased” is the first line of the song. She certainly finds repetition catchy.

Is this the message she wants to give to the humanity? Seriously, what’s with the act?

Celebrities are actually responsible for us, because they sort of raise us and our values, we look up to them. I can not but mark that it’s a wonderful thing to see an evolving pop-star.

Now Lady Gaga is really very cool. She does no longer look like she hasn’t received enough love in her childhood. She expresses herself in a more profound manner – by rebelling in the desert, with a tattoo on her left thigh. The Perfect Illusion is a really cool video. It’s energetic and it’s got the vibe, without being mental.

Author: LadyF

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