Why Are Haters Cool

I have two extremely different haters in my life. For our convenience let us call them the male and the female hater.

The male hater is very easy to speak to. He pretends he dislikes everything and he is very critical. But I feel the entire time he is bluffing. He always helps me out but after delivering a speech that my endeavor is completely bonkers and irrelevant. He flirts with me and then denies it. He tells me my ideas are childish; if I find a decent job he tells me: “who knows what kind of a swindler you are messing with.” He hates weddings and open talks about intimate issues. He never believes in my projects but always supports them. Like Bulgakov put it – he is “a part of the power, who wishes mischief but creates only goodness.”

The female hater is hard to speak to, she is most of the time negative and is very serious about it. She erupts from little things – for example when the saltern is not where it should be, or there is a used spoon on the kitchen board. She is very easily annoyed – and she is not supportive at all. When you are trying to teach her something she complains she is bored by your methods. She hates literature. She hates being by herself. She distastes all kinds of physical shortcomings – in herself and others. She hates me for not letting the cat in my room, when the cat is lonely – and she calls my attitude loathsome.

What those two haters are alike in is their absolute denial and rejection of the fact they are haters. They haven’t got the slightest idea, that they are overly sensitive. One of them does not want to admit even the fact that she is a Virgo and a total control freak and a perfectionist.

Don’t they just suck?

However, every time I really need help – the male hater supports my zany enterprises, even if he sees nothing relevant in them.

However, once when I got stuck in the elevator the female hater came to shine in the dark for me with her phone light.

This is why haters are cool. They have hidden options. They will surprise you when you least expect it.

Revolutions are done by haters. Civilization advances are created by lazy haters – they hated to wash clothes – they invented the washing machine to keep themselves clean. Haters are a moving force in the world.

So, don’t hate haters.


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