Mariana’s Frying Pan Story


Me and my best girlfriend from high school are going to buy a present for Mariana. However, we have $10 and we are in Kaufland (a department store). What shall we buy her? Shall we buy her toilet paper? Shall we buy her sunflower seed? Finally we decide to get her a frying pan since she is soon to marry. We purchase the pan, but it feels too ordinary for a present. So we pass by the market and get a bouquet of roses to enwrap the pan in.


When she got her present, Mariana very much wanted to know what it is. “Well – a bouquet for self-defence” – we explained. “If someone molests you or attacks you – you should give him one with the bouquet.”

We bet this is the most memorable present in Mariana’s life. The moral of this story is that even if you don’t have too much money, you can still be original.

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