How To Know If She Wants To Be Kissed

Try her with the iconic line of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind:
“Now I do not think that I will kiss you! Although, you need kissing badly!”

Now, seriously, how to tell if a girl craves for a kiss?

There is an exact science about this.

She will practically throw herself at you, if she is of the sensual type. If she is a little younger, she will ask you if you have ever kissed anyone. She will place herself next to you at the table, and she will request a hug. If you tell her you are hers for the night; chances are she will directly ask for a kiss. If she does that often – she is enamored. If she spools around you, writes to you and asks you on a date, she certainly has plans. If she remarks that your body language is pushing her away – be prepared for an attack of the loveliest kind. If she approaches you and looks at your lips, maybe she wants to plant a kiss. Eyes talk best. Lovers know in a fraction of a second they are going to be kissed. Girls become emotional and emit a soft kind of light; they beam in a pleasant way.

But it is crucial to know when she doesn’t want a kiss either.

If you happen to catch her hand and she pulls it from you – it is not a good sign. If she pulls back or turns away her face from you – do not force a kiss – you are not wanted. If she denies you any intimate gesture, if she looks away and pretends not to notice you – you are in for some trouble.

You have to step very carefully at the beginning of courtship. There will pass some time before the desperate kisses in the rain take place. The first kiss of everybody went a little awkward. If things go right, you will wake up in the morning with the taste of her tongue. “In the back of the car, on the way to the bar” – her lips will be on your lips. While doing this, place your hands on her hair. Baby, this is it…

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