Guys And The Taste Of Lipstick

Hey Guys, have you ever kissed a girl with lipstick? Seriously, they want to know how that feels.

Teenage girls, you may be a little surprised to learn that men are a little nonchalant to your lipstick.

Kosta shares that he is disinterested in the taste of it – most of the time it feels tasteless. He enjoys the way lipstick smells. It feels flattering, as reported by him that some enchanting beauty is wearing lipstick in an attempt to doll up a little for him. Especially for him – he loves this attitude – girls make themselves pretty before making out – it is touching. He truly loves feeling the scent of woman’s lips and gratifies in kissing her as well.

Imran shares that he relishes in the taste of lipstick. And since his girlfriend is fair in color he likes it when she uses dark colors. Contrast is sexy and provocative. Normally, Imran’s girlfriend just wears some lip gloss.Sometimes she asks him “So, what flavor of lips do you want today?” He names a color or a flavor and she puts it on her face.
Imran delights in perfumes and flavors. He likes lipstick because it adds to his woman’s beauty and charm and makes her feel good. It adds a little freshness and color to their lovemaking. Just a little, enough to excite them both.

But is kissing better with or without lipstick?

To Imran, it depends on the mood. But he prefers to go without it. He says: “Lipstick is like a chewing gum. It lasts only a few minutes but yet we love chewing the gum even after the flavor has gone.”

Meanwhile, the beautiful and smart engineer-musician Kosta is tricky. To Kosta, it is not important if the woman has got something on her lips, while she is kissing. The important thing is that she is passionate, flaming in his arms. That her gaze, her eyes beg and crave for more. Her entire body radiates emotions. All the physical things like lipstick or clothes are complimentary.

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  1. Lipstick? Well, I like the smell of it when its on my cheek or neck ;).

  2. my wife covers me in red lipstick kisses before sex! If I ignore her she starts kissing me one kiss after another till I look ridiculous!! She is the best! She has over 200 lipsticks.

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