The Pretty And Smart Miss Hope


A while ago the game Travian caused a sensation. Children and adults were eager to deal with virtual foreign policy. The platform became so popular that people started meeting their fellow gamers on a large-scale.

The young Miss Hope was engaged when thanks to Travian she met “the man of her life.” He was from Paris, and he was an enchanting young Travian strategist. One day she gathered her goods and chattels and went to Paris to see the choice of her heart. For her bewilderment, it turned out that the man not only does not correspond with his attractive virtual personality, but he is also a complete moron. He even pushed his head against the wall on some occasions. The other people she met in Paris via Travian turned out to be gypsies.

Flabbergasted Hope comes back home and marries her fiancee. They have two children already, and they are a happy family. The moral of this story is – young fellows, don’t fall in love online! You have no idea what kind of a specimen is sitting behind the computer screen and sending kisses to you.

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