Kesha’s Song And Girl Power

Kesha is condemned as one of the stupidest pop stars.
Indeed she’s been recorded waking up with half her shoes in an empty bath, looking more than tipsy and her hair is also in trouble. She washes her teeth with a bottle of Jack and threatens the city with her appearance. Her golden pedicures arouse respect. Every second word from her song is “party, ” and it’s obvious the party shouldn’t stop, till she comes in…

But then something amazing happens in this song!

Kesha blasts:
“Tonight I’m a fight till we see the sunlight!”

This inspired me!
That’s the disposition of a real fighter. One, who wants to bring about real things. It’s almost like a Christmas wish in the middle of an artless piece of pop music. Indeed, Kesha has girl power – she fights to bring sunlight into the world! The police may shut her down but, she’s a fight!

This struggling mood gives an almost philosophical sound to this otherwise simple song. It’s suddenly a song with a message. Not too many of these on the market. So let’s celebrate Kesha and fight, till we see the sunlight…


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