The Handsome and Smart Engineer-Musician Kosta And His Interesting Story


A friend – Kosta, who deals with coding told me an interesting story.

An Interesting Story

He graduated from high school about 11 years ago, and for ten years he’s been having those nightmares: that he hasn’t understood something, that he hasn’t been visiting classes the entire year. He dreamt he doesn’t know when some exam is. He dreamt he has got an F on the term-paper. At least once a month he dreams of these high-school traumas. In reality, he’s got an excellent diploma, and yet he dreams of how he has to repeat the year, that he’s got absence from classes enough for being expelled and so on.

But one Wednesday evening

One Wednesday evening, he walks in the street and meets a friend, who invites him to karaoke. “Wonderful!” he agrees and meets his friends. One of them is a shrink. He tells him this story, and the psychoanalyst says: go, stand in front of the school, go inside, talk to the teachers, visit a class. “Are you nuts!” – Kosta erupts. “Who will let me hang around in the school. During the day I am working, so there’s no way.” The therapist tells him: “You will find a way!”

And on the same Sunday the interesting story goes on

The same Sunday – elections. Kosta walks around the high school – 30 minutes. It is very cool. Since then – no nightmares. The moral of this story is that nothing is so scary as it looks, even high-school.

Not even high-school.

So if you ever have nightmares, don’t sleep with a sharp, metallic instrument under your pillow – but overcome your fears by being faced with them. Accept fear as a challenge. It simply means that you care too much about something – in the case of this interesting story – it is how and whether you will be accepted at high-school.

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