How To Imply I Like Her, Without Looking Dumb

Don’t do anything desperately romantic – like calling her on the phone every day, or writing in the snow behind the block “I love you!” Don’t do this! Cute girls are used to this type of attitude. You better make her follow you around like a little puppy. Or mess with her in a unique way.

For instance, if you are at the same party, ask her if she would like some sugar in her milk, and if she confirms, pour the entire sugar bowl in her cup, until it heaps and the sugar spills on the table.
She is going to be flabbergasted.

Do the things she will never forget.

When she is angry with you – gift her a bouquet of flowers in your favorite color – but only if she hasn’t spoken to you in a month. Chocolate is also an exchange unit in love. Share your bar with her, treat her nice. When you buy roses for the girls in school for Woman’s day – give them red roses – pick a white rose only for her.

When you play the guitar, always start from her favorite song, but let no one know about this. Don’t admit to her girlfriends how much you like her.

Always open the door for her, be a cavalier, give her things, serve her, treat her, do it to the other girls as well, just know that girls feel happy with thoughtful men.

Make her a compliment, when she is wearing something posh – tell her she is artistic. Invite her to a dance always on the same song, but let no one know about this.

Make her ask you out first. Don’t be so handy. Girls love wilful, inaccessible men. However, do shorten the physical distance at any occasion. It’s imperative – be sensually provocative without admitting it.

Tell her, if she wants a man like you, she should do her best in a plenty of aspects.

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