Goal Setting In Hindu Mythology

Goal setting is essential for success. To defy procrastination, it is essential to know your motivation and have long-term goals. Focus is concentration, focus is love.

A Hindu Legend About Concentration

One day the Archery Guru of the Pandava brothers decided to test their skills in concentration. He tied a wooden fish to a tree branch over a lake. He told the valiant princes to aim at the fish’s eye, but only by looking at the fish’s reflection in the water.

The eldest brother Yudihisthira went first. Before aiming his bow, the guru asked him: “Son, what do you see?” He answered: “I see the sky, I see the birds and the fish.” The Guru asked him to step back.

The Guru called upon the second son Bhima. Again, the Guru asked, “Son, what do you see?” Bhima answered: ” I see the tree, the branches, the leaves, and the fish.” The Guru asked him to step back.

The young Arjuna stepped forward and positioned himself with his bow and arrow, and when the Guru asked: “Son, what do you see?” Arjuna responded,

“I see the eye of the fish!”

The Guru quickly tells Arjuna, “Shoot my Son, shoot!”
“Arjuna is the only one who will hit the mark.”

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