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About is an amusement park for ladies. Packed with good style and original opinions it is dedicated to sensitive women….

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How To Write An E-book?

Why do people love e-books so much? They are handy – you can download an ebook and open it with…

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I Love, I Hate – Writing Exercise

If you want to be a writer, you should get used to writing all kinds of lists. Here is a…

Blue House
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The Blue House

Day  1 – Setting At first glance – it was a place remarkable. When your eyes get used to the…

First Love
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Kiss and Tell: Lady F’s First Love

When I am asked about my first love, I am usually perplexed, because I have loved plenty of times, and…

my karma cafe
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Kiss and Tell: Lady F – My Karma Cafe

What will I get served in My Karma Cafe? My Karma Cafe is situated in a sensuous and beautiful world…

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Easter: Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with…

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Some Epic Ideas For Your Digital Bullet Journal

“What is not creative is boring.” Nicolay Berdyaev “What’s the use of a book, without pictures and conversations?” Alice in…

Ways To Stay Creative
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Ways To Stay Creative

Free Writing Without prompts and without any agenda, freewriting is a fabulous exercise for your creativity. Peter Elbow developed this…

To Be A Star In The Writing Industry
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What Does It Take To Be A Star In The Writing Industry

The way to a writer’s success is hard and strenuous, but there are a few things you can do to…

What do Readers Like About A Fantasy Romance Novel
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What do Readers Like About A Fantasy Romance Novel

A Grown-Up Fairy Tale Not only children enjoy fairy tales. Once upon a time, German tales began with “In the…

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Santa Claus

Hello, December! This is a picture of Santa Claus drawn especially for my coloring book Merry Christmas for Merry People….

christmas colored by merry people
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Christmas Colored By Merry People

Now on Amazon: Christmas Colored By Merry People It’s a coloring book for adults,  created with an appealing naivety. I…

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Why Do We Overeat and How to Fight That?

Today, I wonder why most people overeat and do this with a special gusto? I refer to a book called…

showing up
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Showing Up Like The Great Writers

If you want to be a writer, stay by the desk regularly. Promise yourself and make a habit. Woody Allen…

main idea
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Main Idea and Theme

The main idea is a short description of what the story is about. Who does what and why? The main…

great ideas
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Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

  1. Brainstorming It’s a familiar, old way to generate new ideas, used by company managers at project discussions. The…

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Why Do You Have To Walk 30 Minutes A Day

Walk if you want to live longer. The people who live in the Hunza Valley in the North part of…