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Lady F, I Was Denied, How To Move On?

Cheers! The fact that you have been denied means something better expects you on the next corner! So do not indulge in suffering. It’s the terrible sop all of us have eaten. It’s what we do to other people, without even blinking. An absolutely normal situation, and here’s how to handle it: Smile. Then say to the crush in your…

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How To Find The Perfect Love

Everyone wants to find the perfect love – the love like in the movies. It’s among the most popular aspirations. Ever since that world began it’s been that way for men and women were created to make love their destiny… The true, faithful, eternal love… But how to bring that about? Look inside your heart. A banal thing, but I…

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On Beauty

Define Beauty According to Hesiod at the wedding of  Cadmus and Harmony in Thebes, the Muses sang some verses to honor the bride and the groom  – a catchy refrain, which the Gods immediately picked up: “Only that which is beautiful is loved, that which is not beautiful is not loved.” The Delphic Oracle related beauty to another quality: “The…

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30 Things Lady F Should Stop Doing

Don’t walk out with hair that is not well combed and arranged. Don’t stay at home during the cold spell. Stop pestering “The One.” Stop falling in love with people who just pass by. Don’t spend the day working without a break. Do not be such a relationship perfectionist. Stop fearing success. Stop expecting from people to understand you. Stop…

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30 Things Lady F Should Start Doing

Put cinnamon in your coffee. Care more for your hair and your other wonderful female virtues. Start using the “snail mail” and spam your friends with cards for no occasion. Learn to cook with pistachio oil. Watch documentary movies. Develop all your long-term projects. Make B plans for the times, when you are bored and procrastinating. Try to plan activities…

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love yourself

How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself No, Lady F does not have in mind narcissism. Madonna says that until you learn to love yourself, you will never ever be loved by anybody else. Humans are imperfect creatures, with a strongly inherent desire to be perfect. When they feel they are less perfect than others, they get worried. For superficial people – that…

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your heart

Follow Your Heart

Why Following Your Heart Is So Important? The heart is one of our most flexible muscles. It can be broken many times, but it recovers when the first true sentiment appears to chase the blues away. It is full of experience, love, wisdom and enchantment. So whenever you have to make a vital decision ask your heart. Following your heart…

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internet addiction

How To Heal Internet Addiction

Are You Spending Your Entire Time Online? Internet addiction is an obsessive desire to use the Internet and incapability to go offline. Some elite places of public write on signboards in their premises: “We’ve got no Wi-Fi! Talk to each other!” An Internet addicted family may spend Christmas time together in the living room, but each member ought to be…

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to be healthy

To Be Healthy

In order to be healthy you need to be merry happy and bright. You need to invest time in your body maintenance and include in your daily life your beauty routine, physical exercise, healthy diet and your generally amiable disposition. Food Wise A person who knows how to feed can repel all the weakness and illnesses from their lives. They…

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Lunar Goddess

Astrology and The Stars in 2016

Stars What do they bring to our lives? Do they really influence us and define our destinies is a mystery yet to be discovered. Stars In The Year Of The Rooster Every year in the Chinese Zodiac is associated with one of the twelve animal signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each…

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