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Women and Nuts

How to make a woman excited? How to induce arousal in the fair sex and make a woman crave for a night of passion? There exist certain foods which for times immemorial have allegedly increased the female libido. They are known as aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual desire. Those foods are supposed…

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Lady F, I Was Denied, How To Move On?

Cheers! The fact that you have been denied means something better expects you on the next corner! So do not indulge in suffering. It’s the terrible sop all of us have eaten. It’s what we do to other people, without even blinking. An absolutely normal situation, and here’s how to handle it: Smile. Then say to the crush in your…

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How to Fire Intense Desire

How to feel? Be the star! How to fire intense desire? Be center stage, the life of the party, the coolest guy in school. Or at least try to feel that way and emit such signals to the opposite sex. Confidence is sexy. “I know you want me, you know I want you” must be your frame of mind. What…

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Medieval Castle Life

Castle Life In French the expression “La vie du chateau” (The life in the castle) stands for a life in luxury. A castle was  the dwelling for the lord and the lady and their family. This is how lords and knights in the Middle Ages used to live in their ornate palaces. The centre of the castle is the main hall:…

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On Beauty

Define Beauty According to Hesiod at the wedding of  Cadmus and Harmony in Thebes, the Muses sang some verses to honor the bride and the groom  – a catchy refrain, which the Gods immediately picked up: “Only that which is beautiful is loved, that which is not beautiful is not loved.” The Delphic Oracle related beauty to another quality: “The…

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How To Organize Writing A Fiction Book In 10 Steps

Here’s how to get organized: Setting: Knowing where we are: I start with developing a fantasy world in my mind. I create maps. I gather hundreds of pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr to illustrate my world and its cultures. When the world is ready, as if you are boiling eggs: Throw in some Characters: What works best for me is…

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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter? No. What matters is firmness. In both the male reproductive organ and the female breasts – what makes your sexual partner happy is not the size – it is firmness. A woman can have large breasts, but if they are not firm, they have no shape. Men love shapes. In a loving atmosphere, what really gives you…

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How To Not Dance Salsa

How To Not Dance Salsa By Lady F Lady F’s observations are that there is one thing connecting all the people who ever tried to dance salsa amateurishly – and that thing is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes men shake their hips while they dance and adorn their “style” with all kinds of “gracious” shoulder movements. An innocent, passive observer might conclude…

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How To Make Yourself Beautiful To Him

How To Make Him Think You Are Beautiful? Surprisingly, true men are afraid of the paint. So by painting the face of another woman upon your face is hardly the way to a decent person’s heart. But what men do love is soft hair, smelling of herbs, soft lips, natural eyelashes, skin pleasant to the touch, curvy forms. Men are…

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sex with sagittarius

Sex With Sagittarius

How To Have Sex With Sagittarius? He is the lover-gentleman. He will take you to the stars. Ardently he will kiss you in front of your girlfriends. He will take you to the cinema and eat breakfast with you after a wild night of lovemaking. Sex with Sagittarius is lovely! He is sexy, gracious and an excellent conversationalist. The entire…

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How Do The Signs Fall In Love

Aries, Man In the Medieval era, those born under the Sign of Aries would perform for you a serenade under your window.  The contemporary Aries sings to you love songs under the shower, even though it is better when he does not sing. His heart is full of dangerous passions, and he has got no patience to express them, which…

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Sex With Leo

Leo is the omnipotent sexually sign of the Zodiac. He is so contagiously vital and so imaginative; women can expect to be devastated from desire. He is a natural teaser, he is born to excel, made for delight. Prepare to submit to his will your innermost being. He is as strong and pleasing, and addictive as the first sip of…

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Aries – Taurus Compatibility Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent male specimen with the Sun in Aries, who was called: Jean-Claude. He had long, black eyebrows, a long neck, thick shoulders, a beautiful smile and a dusky complexion and used to wear a black top-hat, which he lifted up a little when he learned new female names. He was confident, charming and…

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Aries And Success

Aries actually enjoys Life and living on the edge… he is not faint, he is never half-hearted. He loves the game to chase, sometimes more than he loves winning. As an Aries once stated: “Wanting is always better than getting.” He pursues even women with irresistible enthusiasm and attracts them with optimism. He wins.

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