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kama sutra

Some Appealing Facts About Kama Sutra

The Lore of Lovemaking An ancient Indian handbook of lovemaking for contemporary lovers called Kama Sutra sets the standards for sexual behavior around the globe. It was written in Sanskrit by Vatsayana – a Vedic Indian philosopher. “Kama” means desire and the word “sutra” refers to a rule or aphorism – so Kama Sutra is actually a most celebrated manual…

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Audio: You Should Fall In Love

  You should fall in love, you definitely should! You will find being in love profoundly delightful. It will make you feel angelical; it will make you feel doomed. Being in love has stirred the imagination of the poets, storytellers and lovers of the world through the entire history of humans. From her heavy and comprehensive personal experience with romance,…

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Women and Nuts

How to make a woman excited? How to induce arousal in the fair sex and make a woman crave for a night of passion? There exist certain foods which for times immemorial have allegedly increased the female libido. They are known as aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual desire. Those foods are supposed…

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lost attraction

Dear Lady F, I Have Lost Attraction For My Girlfriend – There Is No More Thrill

And that’s the shit that happens with normal relationships. You have no other choice, but making it an “extraordinary” relationship. How does that happen? Well, just like you get your money. Work, work, work! Focus on the relationship, revive it, resurrect it, fill it with adventures, and if you have to – inconveniences. I know a wonderful person, who is…

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The Mysterious Lady

Lady F: The first thing you noticed in her face wasn’t the mysterious, gaudy, lace, carnival mask – no – it was her scarlet lipstick. They call it Parisian red, and it colored her slightly pouted lips. She looked somehow distracted and forlorn. With her meditative look, she caught a glimpse of a tall, thin, black-haired man, who was leaning…

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How To Find The Perfect Love

Everyone wants to find the perfect love – the love like in the movies. It’s among the most popular aspirations. Ever since that world began it’s been that way for men and women were created to make love their destiny… The true, faithful, eternal love… But how to bring that about? Look inside your heart. A banal thing, but I…

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The Worst Sex Advice

Humiliate each other! For a person with healthy confidence, this is a deal breaker on both the giving and the receiving end. Breaking her dignity is just about the worst sex advice you will ever get. Why? People should raise each other when they make love. That’s what domination and submission are all about. When you have sex with a…

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The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, and smart, and genuine. He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is in a reproductive age and has got a decent income. But there is a drama in his entire adult life: He just does not get any. He is so unlucky that in case he is asked to take part in a…

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How to Fire Intense Desire

How to feel? Be the star! How to fire intense desire? Be center stage, the life of the party, the coolest guy in school. Or at least try to feel that way and emit such signals to the opposite sex. Confidence is sexy. “I know you want me, you know I want you” must be your frame of mind. What…

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On Beauty

Define Beauty According to Hesiod at the wedding of  Cadmus and Harmony in Thebes, the Muses sang some verses to honor the bride and the groom  – a catchy refrain, which the Gods immediately picked up: “Only that which is beautiful is loved, that which is not beautiful is not loved.” The Delphic Oracle related beauty to another quality: “The…

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What Is A Theme In Literature?

A Theme: The Heart of the Story The theme is the message or the lesson that the author wants to convey with his story. The theme is synonymous with root idea, central idea, goal, aim, driving force, subject, plan, plot or basic emotion… The “meaning” of a story, is not something to plan prior to writing. It shouldn’t be. It…

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world building

World Building For Every Genre

Genealogy This is the study of family history and the tracing of the character’s lineage. In your world it appears as the portraits of ancestors on the walls of the noble mansions, and the in tombs, and the graveyard statues. Especially, if your character is royal, or the ruler of a small kingdom, or of noble kinship, even a village…

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Guest Blogger Vasil Vasilev: On Plovdiv

Plovdiv – photographed and immortalized by the talented photographer Vasil Vasilev. There are places… moments… in which you can’t keep the balance of spirit…You witness how the vanity of the day melts like spring snow…there you experience a cultural shock…imperceptibly you leave the reality of the contemporary world and as a gust of the wind you descend through the portals…

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30 Things Lady F Should Stop Doing

Don’t walk out with hair that is not well combed and arranged. Don’t stay at home during the cold spell. Stop pestering “The One.” Stop falling in love with people who just pass by. Don’t spend the day working without a break. Do not be such a relationship perfectionist. Stop fearing success. Stop expecting from people to understand you. Stop…

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love yourself

How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself No, Lady F does not have in mind narcissism. Madonna says that until you learn to love yourself, you will never ever be loved by anybody else. Humans are imperfect creatures, with a strongly inherent desire to be perfect. When they feel they are less perfect than others, they get worried. For superficial people – that…

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Lady F And The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Lady F Celebrating Coffee Coffee. Sugarless, dark, black. Espresso, roasted, fresh. With just a spoon of milk –  caffè latte. The ultimate aroma experience. It excites the senses, it overwhelms, it entices, it addicts. Coffee is the morning shot of love everybody needs. Whether you drink it in Spain or in Bulgaria – it’s the same treat – the ever…

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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter? No. What matters is firmness. In both the male reproductive organ and the female breasts – what makes your sexual partner happy is not the size – it is firmness. A woman can have large breasts, but if they are not firm, they have no shape. Men love shapes. In a loving atmosphere, what really gives you…

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his parents

I Hate His Parents

I Hate His Parents Dear Lady F, I have a really big problem. Really, I enjoy the relationship with my boyfriend and I think he cares about me, BUT… I just met his parents and they were mean to me. It felt like they’re still in love with his ex and I was like an intruder. I don’t really care…

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What Will Make You Engage In A Fantastic Romance

Your ability to concentrate… No, seriously – concentration is love and everybody who loves is able to concentrate for a long time, probably for ages. Focus on your fellow’s personal traits and appreciate their true perfection for all of them exude godliness and enchantment. But how to concentrate for a beautiful and true romance? Imagine the soft tips of her…

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sexual attraction

Sexual Attraction On A First Date

Dear Lady F, To what extent does sexual attraction influence your behavior on the first date? The first date behavior is very much conditioned by the sexual attraction among two people. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be love at first sight. On the first moment of the first date, chances are you will not be so much into…

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The Meaning Of Flowers

Meaning Of Flowers Grand Prix Prince Rose Flower The Grand Prix Rose Flower is all about eternal love and adoration. It demonstrates deep emotions such as “Be mine!” and “I love you!” and “I adore you!” It is a most earnest expression of desire. It has to be gifted in a bouquet of twelve – the perfect choice if you…

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Coffee Break

Coffee is one of the ingredients for morning super powers. It smells like heaven and tastes addictive. It is brown and fragrant, and sexy. It’s much more than what fills your stomach first in the morning, much more than the taste to your palate. No food – not even Coca-Cola generates more revenues than the brown brew does. And that…

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