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How To Keep A Woman Excited For Two Days

Small talk… No, I am serious! Chit-chat with the lady and every now and then imply that she deserves a spanking. Joyfully insist that she deserves to be penalized, and tell her how you are going to do it, and when you are planning to do so. Then retreat from the conversation for half an hour, and watch how the…

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Aries And Capricorn Compatibility Tale

Isabelle Vivienne was Jean Claude’s crush from college because she was so deeply involved in learning that everyone admired her. Isabelle was a Capricorn, in her twenties, she was slender, had black curly hair, and narrow chin, and probably too small breasts, but the guys found them fascinating nevertheless. So one day, when they were traveling on the bus together…

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To Pay The Bill

Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

What Do You Think Ladies – Does He Have To Pay The Bill? Now, if her daddy is rich, Take her out for a meal, And if her daddy is poor, Just do what you feel Don’t pay the bill…   Who is to pay the bill? Love and money – the Beatles pledged that money can’t buy you love,…

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