A Charming Christmas

18+ to read this sexy tale.

This is a graphic story told in pictures.
It is a sexy tale for adults and features some beloved fairy tale characters.


To read this story – the best format is a PDF file.
It can be easily downloaded from SlideShare from the link below.


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This is a sexy tale about Princess Snow White, her cousin Maya the Cosmo Witch and their cute and faithful flames, Prince Charming and Odin – the Norse Deity. The story takes place in a castle shining like a huge Christmas toy in Late December. It’s a very amusing story because all of the characters involved are perfectionists and none of them is actually perfection. In the season of Love and Joy, the fairy tale folk is facing trouble after trouble – although they are really garden-variety sort of problems. This story leaves us in a better Christmas mood. The moral of the story is that at Christmas, the people are together, not because it’s perfect,  but because they love each other, just as they are.


A Quote from the Sexy Tale: A Charming Christmas:


“Oh, how presentable!” – said Maya, who knew something about men – they need to hear the entire time that they are superheroes.


“I am the most presentable of all the Charming Princes!” – said he very pleased. “You shouldn’t think it’s easy to please a woman like Snow-White. Really, she is very pretentious – to the point of frailty. But I was born to do it. I am splendid at dealing with classy women. It all comes from being felicitous. So your man doesn’t treat you as you deserve? He must be a fool – you really are very pretty!”

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  1. Intriguing and enthralling!

  2. Please continue 🙂

  3. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a few characters and a ton of imagination. 🙂

  4. Hello Lady L,

    I must say that you are a great storyteller. You have used the mythology, fairy tales, and your imagination to create a beautiful story.

    Enjoyed reading this story. Waiting for more. 🙂

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