Josanna Thompson

Josanna Thompson And Lady F Discussing Storytelling

This is Josanna Thompson and her smile exudes love! She has always been a passionate story-teller. What she loves is sinking her teeth into learning about history and cultures from long ago. So many stories emerge from research. It is lovable to share those stories with others. Josanna was fortunate enough to marry the love of her life – 26…

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Turyal Azam Khan

Turyal Azam Khan Surprises Lady F

Turyal Azam Khan is a writer, blogger, and a cultural journalist. Most of the time, he is just a laid back, easy-going person. He doesn’t party a lot. He feels more comfortable in a calm environment but that doesn’t mean he is boring, we prefer the term “unique.” The most surprising thing about Turyal – he is an author, who…

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Luthando St Lucas

Lady F’s Guest – Luthando St Lucas

Luthando St Lucas is an artist, a radical thinker, an activist for Black Excellence and an agent of change, who spends much of his time as a realistic writer exploring the struggles faced by African people.  He comes from a family of alcoholics. He ran away from home at age 6 and was raised in a children’s home with around…

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D Breeze

D Breeze and Lady F Discussing Love and Romance

I love losing myself in books, reveling in sarcasm, and making people blush. If I’m not at the bar, handing out shots to complete strangers, you can usually find me hunched over my laptop at four in the morning, still trying to piece together the lines of fantasy vs. reality. Failing that, I’ll be curled up in a corner, rocking…

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Mark Antony Rossi

Writing As Therapy Discussed By Mark Antony Rossi

Say hello to Mark Antony Rossi! He is not an eccedentesiast. He shares his pain. Moreover, he believes that’s the way to recover from it!  Mark Antony Rossi is a combat military veteran USAF and a decent family man. He has been writing for 34 years and he has written twelve books. He promotes using writing as a therapy in order…

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smart women

Smart Is The New Sexy

Why are smart women so appealing? Well, they are eloquent, virtuous and stylish, aware of their uniqueness and they know a woman needs only a smile to be pretty. Besides – they are men savvy and they know how to brownnose the heroes. A smart woman is the one who will always let her man excel in smartness, while she…

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Men and Soccer

Men and Soccer Discussed By Uncle and Lady F

This post is meant to make soccer understandable for women. For this purpose, I asked Uncle some really female questions – forgive me for my ignorance – I just needed to figure out why the entire world is watching soccer right now, and nobody is chatting with me! What is soccer for men? A way of relaxing. Like shopping for women.…

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to flirt

How Is A Woman Supposed To Flirt?

I touch my hair and move it around my shoulders. I look at the man straight in the eyes and I smile. I tease with my touch and I give in. I tell funny things and laugh sincerely. I don’t talk about my health problems. I am teasing and unpredictable, memorable, charming and fun, sparkling, light and free, sensual, a…

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I Miss You

Nowadays, since all of us have got Internet – it’s really hard to miss someone. Well, chatting is not like sitting on his lap, but it helps to relieve your cravings a lot. What do you miss? Obviously, everyone needs their daily share of attention. Attention makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you feel special and unique. Now…

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Why Is Change So Hard?

When you are after an achievement People say, in order to turn an activity into a habit – you have to repeat it every day in the course of 21 days (some say 90). If this time has not passed – it is very probable for you to return to your old ways. Let’s say you want to change your…

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Why Can’t I Control My Imagination? It’s Like I’d Just Start Imagining Something Bad out Of Nowhere with Barely Any Control to Stop It?

Do you ask yourself often “how can I control my imagination.” Yeah, writers often fear that. Imagination is tricky in its omnipotence. It can lead you everywhere. Sometimes, it could scare you. Like when you are reading a book with a lot of suspense and you imagine bad ending. But you can learn to control it and master it to…

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How Do You Know Someone Is Your Soul Mate?

I am quite certain that being a soulmate is a privilege you are free to bestow on almost any human being, with whom you happen to have a deep spiritual connection. I am of the opinion that the similar attracts the similar. When you are attracted to somebody on many levels, attracted with the core of your soul – you…

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What Is The Smallest Kind Of Heartbreak?

When you walk at a fast pace and you pass by a disabled person. When you are single and hang out with your friend and her boyfriend and they are kissing the entire time. When you haven’t caught the bouquet at a wedding. When someone depends entirely on your service. When you have to dig in the street trash to…

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love letter

What Are Some Tips To Write A Good Love Letter?

No love letter is good enough. No letter can do justice to your love. Love’s just a condition in human life, where the words are incapable. If someone knows how – those are the poets of the world, who have tried to express their love suffering through words…I would advise you to steal from the Greats: The Good Book –…

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naming of cats

The Most Beloved Poem About Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn’t just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. First of all, there’s the name that the family use daily, Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James, Such as Victor or…

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girl buys chocolate

What Is The Meaning If A Girl Buys Chocolate For A Boy?

The meaning of a chocolate! Well, one of the guys in my life called it “an exchange unit of love.” Often, instead of saying everything that matters, I’d give him chocolate. The three words I long to hear are “chocolate isn’t fattening…” Chocolate has got the tastiest scent in the world. Chocolate bars have wonderful inscriptions on their shiny wrapping…

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best feelings

What Are Some Of The Best Feelings In Life?

There is a myriad of best feelings in life. I like touching flowers, entering a church, trying different perfumes. It’s lovely when you learn to knit, or make pots, when you listen to the rain outside, curled in bed with a good book. I love it when my hair is caressed, when I make a man put on my lipstick…

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still single

Why Are You Still Single?

My fans always ask me how do I manage to stay single. It’s not that hard, forgive me the prosaic smile… It requires a great attitude to myself, to feel happy and realized without an amorous relationship. Once upon a time, a saint said to me: There are thousands of ways of loving, and you have discovered one or two,…

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Coffee And Tea – Chapter Eleven – Incredible India

“Would you like to visit India, Isabel? Incredible India!” “Yes. But I shall not. I am afraid of huge spiders, wild snakes and scorpions.” “Yes, you have to have an adventurous spirit! You may fall off a camel, or get lost in a jungle. Well, that’s the cost of India’s dramatic, breathtaking nature. The people of India reveres its mountains.…

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How To Heal The Plague of Neglect

The worst thing one can do to human beings is ignoring them. The worst death is from the slow agony of neglect. Here is some advice on how to survive neglect. What is neglect? Neglect is defined as paying no attention, or too little attention, and disregarding a person or a cause. It’s bordering with disdain, rejecting, or failing the…

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The Attitude of A Mature Woman

In their adolescence, girls who genuinely like you act as if you do not exist. Most of them never develop from this stage. So, we may speak of the attitude of mature women, vs. the attitude of immature women in a relationship, and in the act of courtship. We recognize the following trends: The immature woman apologizes, the mature woman…

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he likes you

How To Conclude He Likes You?

Men are tricky. Most of them will never admit that they are enamored. Is it cheesy and below their dignity, we do not know. But even if they do not do anything conscious to admit their love, there are still some reactions that testify the man is in trouble with you and is about to act unreasonably. You wonder if…

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Good Reasons for Drama

Lady F is not a drama queen, but she also recognizes several occasions when the female drama is relevant and even “advisory”- in the sense of recommended. So girls fill buckets with tears if and when: Benefits are gone You have met and practically ever since, sincere and ardent desires are flowing between you, combined with soulful, and honest friendship,…

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Sexiest Features of Men

This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!   Manners Even peacocks are educated how to do it. They attract the females with an open trembling tail with thousands of eyes. The men I am captivated by open doors…

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gentleman with the roses

The Gentleman With The Roses

Once upon a time in Paris lived a bewitching lady. She used to sit naked next to the window pane and have her hot coffee and a croissant while watching pedestrians walking under her house window. One day a small, pearl-white dove perched right next to her carrying a small note tied to its leg. Slowly, she opened the note…

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first love

First Love

Do you remember your first love? Mine is a wonderful story about a little boy and a little girl, who once met at a winter resort. I was four and he was seven. At the time of our first encounter, he was playing chess with his mother on a small table in the hotel lobby, where I happened to be…

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why love

Why Love Hasn’t Come To Me?

There was this wonderful pop song, which stated: “You can’t hurry Love, You just have to wait…” Really. So true. Madonna put it that way: “Until I learned to love myself, I was never, ever loved by anybody else…” Do you sometimes wonder why each little bird has a someone? It seems like love passes by most of us, and…

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The Avengers

Why Action Movies Suck?

I just watched the Avengers, starring Tom Hiddleston. I feel burdened. Needless to say, I watched it to treat myself more of Loki of Asgard. This time I was fairly disappointed. I hate the guy. Loki from Thor Ragnarock is an accomplished character, while in Avengers he is only a flat character, without dimensions. In other words, he is an…

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Philosophy of Travel

Istanbul – Real I went to Istanbul with great expectations for a rich journey. I anticipated delving deep into a diverse culture, a wild experience that would almost enlighten me. I came back invigorated and happy, it was a wonderful trip, but I still think it could have been better. Asia has always been alluring to me, to switch between…

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Visiting Istanbul

The City With The Many Names History has graced this appealing settlement with many different names – among them Constantinople and Istanbul are the most outstanding. But it has also been called New Rome, Byzantion, Antoniniana, Queen of Cities, Miklagard, Tsarigrad, The Gate of Happiness. Constantinople was named after the Roman Emperor also known as Constantine, the Great. The name…

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Loki vs. Ashton

Shall I compare them to a summer’s day? Both are more lovely and more temperate… Loki is virtuously villainous, which means he can do something mean, and look quite decent, even attractive, even irresistible while it’s happening. Ashton is villainously virtuous, which means at all times his ethic credo dominates your perceptions of the world in a perfectly tyrannical manner…

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A Love Letter To Tom Hiddleston

Dearest Loki,  I know that you are Loki from Asgard and you are “burdened with a glorious purpose…” and this is more than fascinating. You are also blue-eyed, which is synonymous with being irresistible and untrustworthy. And you have managed to rouse my indignation with your villainy, but you are still innocent. You manage to be high and low, grand and…

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How To Tell Her There Is Someone Else?

Whatever tactics you use, it’s Crash! Boom! Bang! news. Check her pulse to find out whether she is still alive after she has received this perverse information. Dying from neglect is epidemic – it causes more misery than terminal illnesses. You are suddenly someone left without a loaf a bread, bullets flying all around your head, doesn’t he love you…

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Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with the traditional in Eastern Orthodox Church “Christ is Risen!” The traditional response to this is “Truly, he is risen!” Today we celebrate the Lord, who came to give his love and light to the world, to illuminate our way. He…

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