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love dancing

Why Do People Love Dancing?

Why do people love dancing? First and foremost dancing is our reaction to music, and music makes all of us emotional. Everyone likes different types of music, but we all agree we live in a world that craves for it. Just like literature, it makes all of us a little better people. Dancing is for the merry people, and I…

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Christmas shirts

Christmas Shirts for Your Beloved

Imagine I am a fortune-teller, and I am telling your future in a crystal  ball, or a cup of coffee, or with beans and flour, or simply cards – cards is the best option. So, I have seen in your future and past some venerable gentlemen, and I am helping you to pick Christmas presents for them. Presents should be…

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Want for Christmas

30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It is the time when people who share the same dreams, gather together to celebrate the Birth of the Lord. Here is a list of all the things I have ever wanted to get for Christmas. A Christmas tree decorated with…

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Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is love in action. It is also the day when dad treats everybody chocolate pralines “for the birthday of my very good friend Christ.” The dark sacred night that has gathered the entire family around the table every year to celebrate the loveliest season. The time has come of decorated cities and forests heavy with snow. The time has…

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How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float in his arms as if you have wings and your mood is close to enlightenment. A good dancer can make the woman in his arms delirious with joy. The great dance is practical magic. But what makes a man a…

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Some Thoughts on Planning and Fickleness

Even in the world of creative writing there are two types of writers: Plotters and Pantsers. The Plotter is one who plans his novel in advance. A Pantser sits down on his pants and writes the first sentence and trusts in God for the second – which is usually what I do. There are people who plan their lives to…

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someone else

What If You See Him With Someone Else

There is someone else? Before you die from jealousy, here are a few things you need to know: If he has got a romantic interest in you it is pretty plausible that he will gravitate around you together with his female entourage – for he wants to provoke you and to tease you. It goes without saying, his behavior emanates…

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Top Ten Sexiest Women And Their Story

Cleopatra With the death of her father, 18-year-old Cleopatra inherited an ancient kingdom. We have heard a lot about this strong legendary Queen, who was the last Pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. She claimed to be Goddess Isis herself. The name Isis means “throne” and this Egyptian deity appears as the principle of natural fertility among all the religions of…

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taking it easy

Taking It Easy In Plovdiv

“The world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy…” Taking it easy is an emblematic expression for Plovdiv. It describes the majestic vibe of this old town…where everything seems to be relishing in slow motion.  People on the main street take their time chilling, here and there old pals gather to talk over a coffee or ice-cream.…

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to flirt

How Is A Woman Supposed To Flirt?

I touch my hair and move it around my shoulders. I look at the man straight in the eyes and I smile. I tease with my touch and I give in. I tell funny things and laugh sincerely. I don’t talk about my health problems. I am teasing and unpredictable, memorable, charming and fun, sparkling, light and free, sensual, a…

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Good Reasons for Drama

Lady F is not a drama queen, but she also recognizes several occasions when the female drama is relevant and even “advisory”- in the sense of recommended. So girls fill buckets with tears if and when: Benefits are gone You have met and practically ever since, sincere and ardent desires are flowing between you, combined with soulful, and honest friendship,…

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gentleman with the roses

The Gentleman With The Roses

Once upon a time in Paris lived a bewitching lady. She used to sit naked next to the window pane and have her hot coffee and a croissant while watching pedestrians walking under her house window. One day a small, pearl-white dove perched right next to her carrying a small note tied to its leg. Slowly, she opened the note…

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first love

First Love

Do you remember your first love? Mine is a wonderful story about a little boy and a little girl, who once met at a winter resort. I was four and he was seven. At the time of our first encounter, he was playing chess with his mother on a small table in the hotel lobby, where I happened to be…

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The Avengers

Why Action Movies Suck?

I just watched the Avengers, starring Tom Hiddleston. I feel burdened. Needless to say, I watched it to treat myself more of Loki of Asgard. This time I was fairly disappointed. I hate the guy. Loki from Thor Ragnarock is an accomplished character, while in Avengers he is only a flat character, without dimensions. In other words, he is an…

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Philosophy of Travel

Istanbul – Real I went to Istanbul with great expectations for a rich journey. I anticipated delving deep into a diverse culture, a wild experience that would almost enlighten me. I came back invigorated and happy, it was a wonderful trip, but I still think it could have been better. Asia has always been alluring to me, to switch between…

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Visiting Istanbul

The City With The Many Names History has graced this appealing settlement with many different names – among them Constantinople and Istanbul are the most outstanding. But it has also been called New Rome, Byzantion, Antoniniana, Queen of Cities, Miklagard, Tsarigrad, The Gate of Happiness. Constantinople was named after the Roman Emperor also known as Constantine, the Great. The name…

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Loki vs. Ashton

Shall I compare them to a summer’s day? Both are more lovely and more temperate… Loki is virtuously villainous, which means he can do something mean, and look quite decent, even attractive, even irresistible while it’s happening. Ashton is villainously virtuous, which means at all times his ethic credo dominates your perceptions of the world in a perfectly tyrannical manner…

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A Love Letter To Tom Hiddleston

Dearest Loki,  I know that you are Loki from Asgard and you are “burdened with a glorious purpose…” and this is more than fascinating. You are also blue-eyed, which is synonymous with being irresistible and untrustworthy. And you have managed to rouse my indignation with your villainy, but you are still innocent. You manage to be high and low, grand and…

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Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with the traditional in Eastern Orthodox Church “Christ is Risen!” The traditional response to this is “Truly, he is risen!” Today we celebrate the Lord, who came to give his love and light to the world, to illuminate our way. He…

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Faerie Lore

  Familiar to me from all the fairy-tale dreams, here is a short account of what I believe the faerie and elven sacred forest folks stand for, their culture, their incredible lives. I believe intuition is the best way to familiarize yourself with the faerie world, which according to me exists beyond our dreams and tales. The origin of the…

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bullet journal

My Perfect Life As A Writer

I am so close to making this a reality. You know people say that the way is actually the goal. This is how I imagine my perfect life as a writer in the ordinary days when I don’t hang out with friends or have additional tasks. It’s just an ordinary weekday. I wake up at 8:00, and I drink warm…

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Past Lives

Is there Life after death? Are there past lives? The five world’s major religions give different answers to this question. We immediately associate reincarnation with the Hindu spiritual traditions…They tell us about the impending circle of birth, death, and rebirth called “Samsara.” But the beliefs in past lives are also a significant part of the cultures of the Ancient Greeks,…

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How To Deal With Toxic Colleagues

In terms of personal hygiene or moodiness – there is always this pest in the office who ruins it for all of us. He queues behind you in the canteen and presses his form to you from behind while you are ordering. He draws a portrait of you and claims you are his soul-mate, and that wouldn’t be such a…

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sleeping beauty

The Sleeping Beauty Told By Lady F

Once upon a time, in an unprecedentedly hot summer, with the rising sun, a Queen gave birth to a girl. She was born with her Sun in conjunction with her Ascendant, and this was a promise of a great destiny. Do you believe that fate is preordained? While she was sleeping the Queen Mother had a dream. The three Fates…

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Cinderella Told By Lady F

It’s the fairest story ever told. It inspired even the genial Walt Disney. The incredibly romantic tale of Cinderella has influenced a lot of artists and filmmakers. Old as time and young forever, Cinderella has inspired me to try some storytelling on my audience. Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who dreamt that one day she would…

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The Story of How Grandma Got Married to Grandpa

It started in the times when life was hard and beautiful, and people, who had personal power and beauty thrived in society. Working was a virtue, laziness was debauchery, people had big families, they lived simple and beautiful lives close to animals and fields, the villages prospered, and so did love stories. My Grandma is a Leo, and she is…

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The Ecological Personality

The Ecological Personality And His Story The lecture I have prepared is about exterminating of biological species by man. It is really one of the global ecological problems. Why? The world is a whole organism and destroying representatives of the animal species, we slowly and unwittingly destroy ourselves. Every living creature is created to support some sort of balance. Nothing…

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Why Are Countries Like Bulgaria Not Well Respected In The EU

Money creates a lot of stress, globally…people in Bulgaria are so financially insecure, that they cannot express their culture, which is fabulous. I believe that is a temporary situation and the Bulgarian spirit will prevail because we are people blessed with a nation, culture, and land, but at present lacking sensible and reliable state organs. But it wasn’t always like…

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Guest Blogger Vasil Vasilev: On Plovdiv

Plovdiv – photographed and immortalized by the talented photographer Vasil Vasilev. There are places… moments… in which you can’t keep the balance of spirit…You witness how the vanity of the day melts like spring snow…there you experience a cultural shock…imperceptibly you leave the reality of the contemporary world and as a gust of the wind you descend through the portals…

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How To Treat Grandma

How To Treat Grandma? This morning my grandma was ready to cry crocodile tears in her morning cup of coffee. She was visiting for a while – and we had a great time. It’s wonderful Grandma to be around – she is buzzing to and fro the entire time, helping you out with anything she can. If you happen to look for…

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How To Not Dance Salsa

How To Not Dance Salsa By Lady F Lady F’s observations are that there is one thing connecting all the people who ever tried to dance salsa amateurishly – and that thing is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes men shake their hips while they dance and adorn their “style” with all kinds of “gracious” shoulder movements. An innocent, passive observer might conclude…

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The Tart Girl

Who the Heck is the Tart? The Tart of Tarts. They are always dolled up and very trendy, noticeable, discernible from the others with posh clothes, and stilettoes and new haircuts, heavy make-up, silicon in the lips, tits and the bottoms. It takes them at least two hours per day to tart themselves up. What makes them be this way?…

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being apolitical

Teens And Apolitical Culture

Being apolitical is not simply being blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems. Being apolitical is also a political statement. The fact that you do not discuss politics with your coevals, and that you are genuinely apolitical does not mean you don’t have political culture. I even find that exactly politicians truly lack in political culture nowadays. There is one simple…

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Lady Gaga Has Evolved

From Bad Romance, to Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga has matured. She does no longer look as sick as in her first performances. It was a tragedy that she became the idol of 11-year-old girls who hoped for her album on their birthdays – with videos like Alejandro or Bad Romance. While we can not deny that she is a…

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The Handsome And Smart Pilot Don Sergio

Don Sergio feels it will be hard to tell a story about his adolescence, for at that time he was in a school for boys only. There was nothing interesting there – just boys.They were shy to talk to girls because they weren’t familiar to courtship. Lady F feels it is going to be some story. He was in the 5th…

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Why Are Haters Cool

I have two extremely different haters in my life. For our convenience let us call them the male and the female hater. The male hater is very easy to speak to. He pretends he dislikes everything and he is very critical. But I feel the entire time he is bluffing. He always helps me out but after delivering a speech…

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Mariana’s Frying Pan Story

Me and my best girlfriend from high school are going to buy a present for Mariana. However, we have $10 and we are in Kaufland (a department store). What shall we buy her? Shall we buy her toilet paper? Shall we buy her sunflower seed? Finally we decide to get her a frying pan since she is soon to marry.…

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Kizomba – Making Out In Clothes

People dance Kizomba by hugging and making waves with their bodies against each other with cat-like grace. They look so beautifully as if they are slowly swimming in space. Some men tie the eyes of their partners. It means they require their full trust. Kizomba is an excellent and legitimate way to make out with beautiful girls, and if you…

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