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Freddie Is Not Quite The Shilling

“When I am dead who cares? I don’t!” – says Freddie Mercury and sucks on his cigar. “One dream, one soul” – Freddie is of the most beloved rock stars of last century. His music truly is “a kind of magic.” Other entertainers love him! People call him “larger than life,” fresh, cool, hedonistic, completely hedonistic. A God who walks…

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The Ugliest Actor In The World

Who are possibly the ugliest actors in the world? Why are they so charming? Billy Mack from Love Actually grabs number three. But he did make us laugh and cry in the most beautiful time of the year. Next in the electoral list go the seexyyy men from Full Monty – an unforgettable experience for the ladies. Number one goes…

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Did Katy Perry Really Kiss A Girl?

Quote: “I kissed a girl, and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chap stick…” In the song, she admits to never have planned this – but she was a little bit tipsy and wanted to try. Without intention, she was just curious. But did she do it? It’s not what good girls behave like. In front of OK…

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Kesha’s Song And Girl Power

Kesha is condemned as one of the stupidest pop-stars. Truly she’s been recorded to wake up with half her shoes in an empty bath, looking more than tipsy and her hair is also in trouble. She washes her teeth with a bottle of Jack and threatens the city with her appearance. Her golden pedicures arouse respect. Every second word from…

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