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sex with sagittarius

Sex With Sagittarius

How To Have Sex With Sagittarius? He is the lover-gentleman. He will take you to the stars. Ardently he will kiss you in front of your girlfriends. He will take you to the cinema and eat breakfast with you after a wild night of lovemaking. Sex with Sagittarius is lovely! He is sexy, gracious and an excellent conversationalist. The entire…

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Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus And Scorpio Love Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio is a great match After Michael, Angele did not feel devastated.  She soon went on a cruise where she met on board the lovely Scorpio Valentine Tremblay, who loved adventures. Taurus and Scorpio were immediately impressed with each other. He had a corpulent, strong, able body, and a subduing, handsome face which exuded manhood. From the very…

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Sex with Scorpio

Sex With Scorpio

How does one have Sex with Scorpio? Well, sex with Scorpio is dramatic. Everyone knows, he is the best sexual catch in the Zodiac. Which is why people gravitate to Aquarians more – they simply cannot endure the Scorpio’s hurricanes of passion. Foreplay – the spring of the love game, will last at least three hours, and before Scorpio finishes,…

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Taurus and Libra

Taurus And Libra Compatibility Tale

Angele Claudine and Michael Germaine – Taurus and Libra After being dumped by Eric Alexis, Angele Claudine soon found heart aspirations in the hugs of a man under the sign of Libra. His name was Michael Germaine. He had a well-framed body and subtle personality, lovely visage and blond hair. Both of them under Signs ruled by Venus (Planet of…

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Sex with Libra

How To Have Sex With Libra? Libra is the most artful lover in the zodiac. Sex with Libra is an act all about beauty and transcendence. Graceful in bed and a genuine artistic lover, he emits peace and harmony, and balance. It’s as if he is making a yoga workout, everything is so smooth and brilliant. He adores and worships…

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Taurus And Leo Compatibility Tale

Do you remember Angele Claudine – the Ultimate Taurus Woman- the curvy minion with Bet Davis eyes? After her almost satisfactory relationship with Aries Jean-Claude, she was clubbing and came upon Leo man Eric Alexis, who was properly tipsy. He was tall and had those huge blue eyes, his hair always tousled, his smile devastating. So she served him some…

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Sex With Virgo

She’s the one with the headache from the popular jokes. Truth is Virgo is sexually shy, and a little prude. In sex as well as in other activities she is into details – soft kisses, hugs and enamored words, which gently flow into her ear and make her crave for more. In sex she likes to stick to a routine…

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Aries and Pisces

Aries And Pisces Compatibility Tale

How Do Aries And Pisces Relate? Lucile Lauren was the most sensitive woman Jean-Claude had met. She was born under the Sun Sign of Pisces and was 24 when he met her at his favorite retreat place in the world – the beach. She was lucky he liked them really curvy, she had a pale face like the moon and…

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Aries And Capricorn Compatibility Tale

Isabelle Vivienne was Jean Claude’s crush from college because she was so deeply involved in learning that everyone admired her. Isabelle was a Capricorn, in her twenties, she was slender, had black curly hair, and narrow chin, and probably too small breasts, but the guys found them fascinating nevertheless. So one day, when they were traveling on the bus together…

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Aries And Virgo Compatibility Tale

After his short-lived relationship with Tatiana Roberte, Jean Claude met Sara Michelle in the park, while they were walking their dogs. Sara Michelle was a neat and very maintained woman, and yes – she was under the Sign of Virgo. Jean was walking his Terrier, and Sara was walking her friendly, peaceful and easy-to-groom Beagle. She had a slender body,…

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Sex With Leo

Leo is the omnipotent sexually sign of the Zodiac. He is so contagiously vital and so imaginative; women can expect to be devastated from desire. He is a natural teaser, he is born to excel, made for delight. Prepare to submit to his will your innermost being. He is as strong and pleasing, and addictive as the first sip of…

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How To Have Sex With A Cancerian

She can be really shy and she will simply not take the initiative, before being predisposed. She is the synonym of fidelity and expects fidelity in return. She is deeply jealous. Sex with the Beloved person is her dream come true. She loves to talk and dream with her lover. Her erogenous zones are the breasts. She is very pent…

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Aries And Cancer Compatibility Tale

After his wonderful relationship with Julienne Saint-Yves, the Gemini Goddess, Jean Claude, the Aries needed consolation. So he went to get drunk, to fight, and to pay for sex, but in the local bar he met Tatiana Roberte – a woman under the Sun Sign of Cancer. She was petite, like his first lover, and had wonderfully formed breasts, white,…

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How To Have Sex With A Gemini?

Prepare for dirty whispers. This woman is verbally communicative in bed as well, and she loves small talk and laughing a lot at your performance. She will compliment you on your “comely” instrument and she will mean it. She is not afraid to ask for sexual favors. She can say “I love you” and really mean it, in the most…

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How To Have Sex With A Taurus

The Taurus woman has got a whole boudoir entirely to herself, with huge mirrors, candles and powder-puffs, long gloves, scarves, all kinds of cosmetic potions – should I continue? Ruled by Venus, she has got a lavish sensuality and is a lover of comfort, coziness and sensual delights. She loves all her belongings and is very fond of pretty little…

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Aries – Gemini Compatibility Tale

The next day Jean Claude met Julienne Saint-Yves at the city library. She was cheerful and had delicate arms, a vital, active body, piercing hazel eyes, and was a woman of perfect vision, of excellent understanding, looking for a beautiful affair. They whispered to each other their names and the names of some books, and she allowed him to invite…

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Aries – Taurus Compatibility Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent male specimen with the Sun in Aries, who was called: Jean-Claude. He had long, black eyebrows, a long neck, thick shoulders, a beautiful smile and a dusky complexion and used to wear a black top-hat, which he lifted up a little when he learned new female names. He was confident, charming and…

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How To Have Sex With An Aries

Whenever Aries has got a bad day – remember that they just need a hug. Play soft music on the background – yes, your Aries man will make love to you on Classical tracks such as Ave Maria, and the Bolero – the masterpiece of Ravel, who wasn’t certain if it that was really music. Your Aries man will surprise…

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