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blue blood

Blue Blood

The expression “blue blood” comes from the Spanish “sangre azul,” which shows nobility and noble lineage. This is one of the most cherished phrases used for centuries in Western Europe. Have you ever thought about the origin of this seemingly conflicting combination of words? Very literally, the blood of aristocrats had a blue tint. The reason for this was the…

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The Lore Of Fairies

Fairies were real once… Even two hundred years ago, people took fairies really seriously. The word Fairy comes from the Old French form faerie, which means “enchantress.” They resemble small humans, but they have magical powers. From Persian mythology, we learn that fairies are magical creatures, descended from angels. “Fairy” is one of the most beautiful mythological concepts. The actual…

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Celtic Mythology And Folklore

Who are the Celts? We fancy Celts as light-skinned, red-haired and freckled folk, with mystical inclinations. They are believed to see the world in a different way, some of them have higher senses, which allow them to see and communicate with fairies and other spirits, the spirits who dance in the evening woods. They believed in the spoken word, which…

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Medieval Castle Life

Castle Life In French the expression “La vie du chateau” (The life in the castle) stands for a life in luxury. A castle was  the dwelling for the lord and the lady and their family. This is how lords and knights in the Middle Ages used to live in their ornate palaces. The centre of the castle is the main hall:…

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The Meaning Of Flowers

Meaning Of Flowers Grand Prix Prince Rose Flower The Grand Prix Rose Flower is all about eternal love and adoration. It demonstrates deep emotions such as “Be mine!” and “I love you!” and “I adore you!” It is a most earnest expression of desire. It has to be gifted in a bouquet of twelve – the perfect choice if you…

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