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Lady F and Tai Lopez Discussing How Does Life Work

I received a letter from Mr. Tai Lopez today, and I find it is the perfect subject to start a discussion. Mr. Lopez is worried about the state of the world. I allowed myself to abbreviate part of his letter, focusing on a different part of it. So, let’s discuss how does life work. TAI LOPEZ We live in this world…

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Bullet Journal

  The most important reason you need a journal is that it adds organization in your life. Doodle. Make it pretty. Make it yours. The word “doodle” first appeared in the early 17th century and it meant “a simpleton, fool.” It was sung in the famous song “Yankee Doodle.” Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony He stuck…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

Do you believe in elves and fairies? Something good in everything you see? This Christmas you can perform random acts of kindness like Santa’s little helpers. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of your loved ones and celebrate an unforgettable Christmas. Take a walk in December The cold pinches your nose and your rosy cheeks. The wind carries you; the snow…

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A Routine Which Works For Me

If you want to achieve something meaningful in your life you have to invest a lot of time and efforts. A great novel, a stunning design, a revolutionary company – it all takes time, thought, craft and persistence. Put a stress on creative work. A writer is supposed to start his day with several hours of writing. Notice when you…

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How to Be Productive and Overcome Procrastination?

Ninety-five per cent of college students find it hard to overcome procrastination and they are not the only ones suffering from this great anti-action. We put off stuff on a daily basis, not keeping in mind that our lives are not eternal and we don’t have so many weeks ahead of us, to complete this amazing project, which will give…

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Working As A Freelancer

Howsoever one maybe enthusiastic about freelancing, it is also an occupation that is very capricious. The main reason for this is the fact that it is irregular like your sex life: you are not going to get any the entire time. That means that your revenues will vary from $50 per day to a total of zero. At times this…

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How To Treat Grandma

How To Treat Grandma? This morning my grandma was ready to cry crocodile tears in her morning cup of coffee. She was visiting for a while – and we had a great time. It’s wonderful Grandma to be around – she is buzzing to and fro the entire time, helping you out with anything she can. If you happen to look for…

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your heart

Follow Your Heart

Why Following Your Heart Is So Important? The heart is one of our most flexible muscles. It can be broken many times, but it recovers when the first true sentiment appears to chase the blues away. It is full of experience, love, wisdom and enchantment. So whenever you have to make a vital decision ask your heart. Following your heart…

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internet addiction

How To Heal Internet Addiction

Are You Spending Your Entire Time Online? Internet addiction is an obsessive desire to use the Internet and incapability to go offline. Some elite places of public write on signboards in their premises: “We’ve got no Wi-Fi! Talk to each other!” An Internet addicted family may spend Christmas time together in the living room, but each member ought to be…

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To Have A Sister

My sister is not always right. But she is always my sister. When my parents asked me if I want a brother or a sister, I said: a doggie, please! Once upon a time, my sister was born, I felt she is the most beautiful baby in the street, in the town, on the entire Earth. Her name was Valeria,…

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