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lost attraction

Dear Lady F, I Have Lost Attraction For My Girlfriend – There Is No More Thrill

And that’s the shit that happens with normal relationships. You have no other choice, but making it an “extraordinary” relationship. How does that happen? Well, just like you get your money. Work, work, work! Focus on the relationship, revive it, resurrect it, fill it with adventures, and if you have to – inconveniences. I know a wonderful person, who is…

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Lady F, I Was Denied, How To Move On?

Cheers! The fact that you have been denied means something better expects you on the next corner! So do not indulge in suffering. It’s the terrible sop all of us have eaten. It’s what we do to other people, without even blinking. An absolutely normal situation, and here’s how to handle it: Smile. Then say to the crush in your…

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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter? No. What matters is firmness. In both the male reproductive organ and the female breasts – what makes your sexual partner happy is not the size – it is firmness. A woman can have large breasts, but if they are not firm, they have no shape. Men love shapes. In a loving atmosphere, what really gives you…

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his parents

I Hate His Parents

I Hate His Parents Dear Lady F, I have a really big problem. Really, I enjoy the relationship with my boyfriend and I think he cares about me, BUT… I just met his parents and they were mean to me. It felt like they’re still in love with his ex and I was like an intruder. I don’t really care…

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A Dream That Doesn’t Come True

Dear Lady F, Tell me about the dream you are glad did not come true? In my entire life, I have always dreamt about the same thing. As far as I know, nobody on their death bed had complained that they have had too much of it. But my dream has got certain conditions that have to be met. It’s…

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sexual attraction

Sexual Attraction On A First Date

Dear Lady F, To what extent does sexual attraction influence your behavior on the first date? The first date behavior is very much conditioned by the sexual attraction among two people. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be love at first sight. On the first moment of the first date, chances are you will not be so much into…

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