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Bedroom Eccentricities

There are thousands of vintage, hand-made and unique accessories for your bedroom that are a bit off-beat, outstanding and peculiar,  but you know you need them when you see them. A perfect decoration for your new bedroom is the wall-clock. This clock is original and so designed that it will make your family feel special and relaxed. It looks like…

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natural magic

A Witch’s Natural Magic for Your Kitchen

Witch Types What kind of a witch are you? Let me help you tag yourself. The belief system of witches includes a kind of its own traditions and initiation processes. A Kitchen Witch loves food, warm colors in the interior and her Grimoire is like a cookbook. She loves her home and cooking meals is her favorite pastime. A Fae…

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Everything matters in Feng Shui. It is about organizing your environment to enhance your lifestyle. Contrary to what the skeptics believe – it is not a superstitious thing that doesn’t work- it is empowering and it gives you the chance to play with the interior and actually see results of your work. Your bedroom is a place, which has to…

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shabby chic kitchen

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Everything is in the details. This shabby chic kitchen has got beautiful fonts on the boxes for pets food and fresh eggs and numbered cups with the utensils inside them. On the plates it is beautifully inscribed: dessert. It is a variation of white, so every other color is a powerful accent. All the belongings are artistic and carefully chosen…

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kids room

Kids Room

“For I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me.” Winnie, The Pooh Shades of gray, milk and cacao, a slightly beige, very simplistic rug, and adorned with a broom, this kids room breathes easily. On the wooden coat-hook are hanging clothes in the same nuances, made obviously for fairy-tale characters, of the sort that lives…

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These are the colors most of us want to come home to. A whole rainbow of whites. Off-whites, creamier and cozier than ever and a whole new world of neutrals that turn up the volume with just a hint of color – beautiful, interesting, yet easy to live with. If you ever tried to pick a white paint, you know…

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feng shui Chi1

Chi Energy

Still need clarification? Qi is the “stuff” of and behind it all. It’s the stuff that breathes life into plants, animals, the mountains, oceans, and us. It’s the stuff of dreams, intuition, fate, and luck. It’s the stuff at the core of nonliving matter such as airplanes, buildings, and the chair on which you sit. It’s the stuff acupuncturists stimulate with…

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minor cures

Making Minor Adjustments to Bring About Major Changes

Minor cures involve adding one of the several kinds of natural chi, to adjust the energy of a place. They are simple, practical and effective. They use the energy of the light, sound, spirit, water, color, movement, weight, bamboo, power, fragrance, touch. Light Minor Cures Light can easily add brightness and cheer to an area. The rule is: the brighter…

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Feng Shui – Cures

Simply put, Feng Shui cures are ways of changing your life by altering your space. Performing cures changes the flow of energy in your home, shifting the Chi in your surrounding and yourself – to a beneficial and balanced energy state. There are five different types of cures you can implement. How To Use The Three Phases Of Your Cures…

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Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

The Octagon is an instrumental element of Feng Shui Analysis. It enables you to find out how the parts of your home influence the corresponding parts of your life. It is an energetic map, which applies the wisdom of the I-Ching (an ancient book of Chinese knowledge). The Octagon divides the floor plan in nine parts. Each of these parts…

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ancient Chinese cosmology

The Ancient Chinese Cosmology

There exist four celestial deities, which according to the Chinese, who worship them, transformed into terrestrial landforms, which offer protection and security. The Crimson Bird, The Azure Dragon, The White Tiger, The Black Turtle – the four defending spirits. All ancient societies worshipped the heavens, envisioning their Gods, guardians and clan ancestors as the configuration of celestial bodies. For the…

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color theory

Color Theory

The greatest challenge in color design is to be able to predict and control the results of a color scheme. Color can perform various roles and affects a person’s emotions, energy level and sense of order or disorder. It can also set the tone of an interior and make it formal or informal, masculine or feminine, aloof or invitingly warm.…

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principles of feng shui

Principles Of Feng Shui

Learning About The Principles of Feng Shui Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice –  a practice of balancing heavenly and mundane energies as well as the study of time and space. When you achieve balance in your surroundings, you win the drive to succeed in any aspect of your life. The major tool you will need is a compass,…

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